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Comment I have a better idea (Score 1) 96

Make it so that someone must be actively using the patent in a product, device, software, etc... If they are not they have a year to start using it in a product, device, software etc... If after the year they are not their patent should be voided. Maybe make it 2 years. But theis would make it hard for the patent only companies to operate as they don't generally make anything.

Submission + - Bloomberg admits to snooping on the stock terminals it leased. (

sir lox elroy writes: Evidently Bloomberg wanted that little extra inside information. They have admitted to snooping on the users of their stock terminals they leased. Bloomberg reporters were told "to use the terminals to get an edge in the competitive world of financial journalism" which let them "view subscribers’ contact information and, in some cases, monitor login activity in order to advance news coverage".

Comment Re:Shall I list the reasons again? (Score 2) 951

Personally I have had more driver issues with versions of Windows than Linux. Dell 9100, XP Pro (Has a COA liscense on it for XP) hunt down 8 drivers one of which has to be ona floppy just to install XP, Linux 1 driver and with Mint that is 3 clicks to install the NVidia closed source drivers. Dell Inspiron N7110, Windows 7 Pro clean install 2 Drivers, Linux Mint 12 no drivers and 3d accelaration just works. Custom built i5 2550 with Radeon card and TV card, Windows 7 Pro 2 drivers, Linux 2 drivers, and again one or two click installs with no problem. Sony VGN-FE590, Windows XP Media Center 2005 (What it has a COA for), LOTS of Drivers, and a headache to get them,, Linux 1 3 click driver install of NVidia. Most, keyword there, most normal hardware just works anymore, I will admit laptops with the hybrid GPUs are still a problem. Desktop machines that the users that can barely turn their machine on are going to be running, will not have any strange hardware that is not supported by one of the well established desktop Linux distros. Now if you want to run pure Debian squeeze on them, then yes you might have drivers to hunt down and install, but if you use Ubuntu, Mint, or OpenSuSE, not a problem. The laptops might have 1 driver, maybe 2. But with the major distros it is easier to install the drivers in Linux than in Windows. BTW, installing software on any of those desktop distros and even Debian is easier than on windows. Find an application that suits your needs by using Software Manger, Synatic, or YaST, click the check box marked install, accept the dependencies install, and then click install. Windows, search the web trying to find an application that fits yours needs. Try not to download it from CNet/ so you don't get the extra garbage that comes along. Then go through the 3 or more step install process.

Submission + - Mobile Brain Scanners coming soon to a Hawking near you. (

sir lox elroy writes: A San Diego company believes it has a working, usable, brain scanner/thought recognition system. And, they want to try it out on Stephen Hawking. From the article "Hawking's face muscles are slowly failing, but soon he may not need them, thanks to technology by La Jolla-based NeuroVigil.
"I'm very enthusiastic about it," NeuroVigil Chairman Philip Low said of the iBrain.
Low created the iBrain, the world's first mobile brain scanner. Low, who first met Hawking at a conference, said he believes it can read Hawking's thoughts."


Submission + - The Books Programmers Don't Read (

itwbennett writes: "You know those must-read programming books? Turns out most of you haven't actually read them. Skimmed, maybe. Been assigned sections in college courses, sure. Programming blogger Bill the Lizard calls you out, with a plea to 'stop recommending books to others that you haven't read yourself'. What books are on your 'haven't read it, lied about it' list?"

Comment Here is what I would consider the major problem... (Score 2) 77

The Gov't and a lot of corporations run their networks like a home network. Flash, sure you can have that because you might want on YouTube and that is a good use of tax payer funds. Acrobat, yah here you go, never mind there are pdf viewers out there that are more secure. Whitelists and blacklists, nah, our users can sit around and watch porn all day, that is an even better use of taxpayer funds. Word docs and spreadsheets, yah you can send and receive those without worrying. We only scan your email for anything you say reguarding our CEO of the company or President of the US, but send and receive those viruses all day long as we have not figured out good perimeter security. Speaking of perimeter security, just email everything you want back and forth that is secure right, or download it to your laptop if you work for the VA.

Comment For Example the Big Bang was Theorized by who? (Score 1) 900

Uh, Monsignor Georges Lemaître. Science and Christian religion can live harmoniously. Both have their good and bad points. Until you know all the knowledge in the Universe you cannot definitively say that there is no G-d, nor can you definitely prove all theories to be fact. Just because something is a theory does not mean it is 100% undeniable fact, the basic definition of theory includes words like "propositions", and "commonly regarded". A good example of a theory that was widely believed by a vast majority of scientists including some very noted big names, but now is regarded as false is the Steady State theory. As far as other benefits of religion, neither science nor own government are good at teaching morals, they both fail at that severely, however deeply looking into the New Testament yourself, not what some leader tells you, you will find some excellent moral lessons. Personally as far as creation is concerned, one question is "How long is one of G-d's days?" There was no earth so going by an earthly day would fail as such one has to wonder how long that day is. On the opposite side of the coin, and going back to the Big Bang theory, where did the singularity come from that started the universe? As far as stories changing, we now know through science, archaeology, that the good portions of the Old Testament and New Testament are the same as they were 2000 years ago. As far as everything being made up by some drunk, there are too many things from the Judeo Christian bible from past the first couple chapters of Genesis on that have been proven correct by archaeology. I'll probably get modded down, but these are just some of my arguments.

Comment Re:I as an IT person have directly dealt with this (Score 1) 417

1) The VPN we already have, the biggest price is the extra licenses for the Anti-virus. Most home users that bring in there laptops to me I have setup with free for home use AVs because they don't want to pay for McAfee or Norton, but somehow they still manage to not update them regularly (Like AVG's or Avira's update to a newer version) and end up bringing their laptop back to get the viruses removed and a newer version of the Anti-Virus installed. 2) None of the laptop users will allow me to install full disk encryption. They say having to use a password on their home computer is a pain, and I can't seem to get it through to them why it should be used.

Comment I as an IT person have directly dealt with this... (Score 1) 417

We recently had to setup security for those that wanted to use smart phones for email clients. We send lots of email regarding clients and recently became aware of state statutes where we would have to notify every person if someone lost their smart phone with 2 or more pieces of personal information in an email about a person. In an effort to allow the smart phones, but reduce risk we decided to use a policy management system that would give us access to wipe the phone if it was lost. Management did not want the risk of being finned for lost data, or the media debacle it would bring (remembering the VA debacle over lost laptops), but people wanted to use their smart phones. So we had to meet in the middle, people could still use the smart phones, but we still maintained control over the data. We have not fully opened up for remote work yet via laptops etc... as I cannot get approval to spend the money on the software to help with that, until then I am stuck between management wanting no risk and users wanting remote access. A rock and a hard place.

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