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Submission + - Community College Degree Curriculums?

sinthetek writes: "I am searching for CS degree curriculums that aren't heavily rooted in proprietary technologies (preferably one with transferable credit for *nix classes). Does anyone know of any community colleges or technical schools that have a selection of transferable credit courses on Open technologies anywhere in the continental US? I've only found one or two and I am having to download PDFs to even find out most of the time so any recommendations or insight would be appreciated, thanks!"

Submission + - MSNBot "MSIE 7.0" UserAgent legitimacy? 10

sinthetek writes: "I noticed today that recently (around 02:56:18 EST on New Years Eve at least by my logs) MSNBot UserAgent strings started to indicate that it's requests are coming from a an IE 7 browser rather than it's usual/previous 'msnbot' useragent string. I went through several years of logs to confirm that it has always previously been some variation of "msnbot".

My question is whether there is likely a legitimate reason for using this string (ie a mistake due to shared code etc) or if there is a more sinister agenda to corrupt web statistics in an attempt to rally more support/development for MSIE7 with the seeming obviousness as potential 'plausible deniability' escape hatch?"

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