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Comment Can we escape the simulation of the simulation? (Score 1) 1042

Wouldn't the same arguments being used to posit that we are living in a simulation also apply to those who are supposedly running the simulation? Just how many layers of simulation are there? Beliefs of this sort just fuel nihilism. It should be disposed off in the great dumpster of useless thoughts.

Comment Which simulation is running our simulation? (Score 1) 951

If the odds are high that we're living in a simulation, then the odds are almost as high that there's a simulation that is running that simulation. Just how far down do the turtles go? It's a useless belief that can lead to nihilistic thinking. Plus it isn't scientific until we can test for it.

Comment Push for a Fast Track Process (Score 1) 294

After many years of working with a CAB, my suggestion is to work with them but try to push for a Fast Track process that will allow you to apply lightweight changes with low risk. It will cut your struggles with the bureaucracy considerably. Also, when appropriate, try to bundle changes together into larger block releases, rather than taking through many small revisions.

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