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Comment Re:Does that $600 include a ice pack? (Score 4, Insightful) 278

If you think your ass is hurting, how about the asses of all the developers who invested money to make games for it?

You know, if you can't swing $600 for a very new to the market high end luxury item item such as this, or if a total of $1500 blows your meal budget, perhaps you need to spend a bit more of your time, getting some education or working a bit harder to get a job that pays more so that you can afford luxuries like this, rather than

Oh I make more than enough to pay for something like this. But I also have kids... ... and their mother, aka my wife, is gonna have questions, serious questions, about $1,500+ for a new PC with dorky glasses that shut-out interacting with my family... But never forget a desperate man's ability to spin something. I'll figure something out eventually...

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