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Comment Re:Most ERP systems do not have the data encrypted (Score 1) 206

Using a classical cipher is no better than not using a cipher at all, hence no encryption.

I call bullshit. Sure, most classical ciphers are much much weaker than a modern cipher, but there are some that if properly implemented are really bloody strong. Ever hear of a one-time pad? Oh, yeah, that's right...it's a classical cipher. And it just so happens that it can be used to provide perfect secrecy. Yeah, it's a pain to implement right...so for every day use it isn't practical. Modern asymmetric encryption systems are great, but it relies on a mathematical problem that could very easily be solved in the near future. We can pretend that modern encryption systems are flawless, or we can remember that they, too, have their flaws that could very well become their downfall quite quickly. But this is slashdot, where bullshitting passes as informative.

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