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Comment Sign that Google is getting too big (Score 1) 36

Always wondered how big companies can build new innovative products. If someone truly has a good idea, in this day and age, they can always start their own company. Otherwise, they will be working long hours on their project so someone else can make the money. This may not appeal to many smart people. This might be the solution : ask them to start a company inside the parent company. Parent acts as an incubator, but the people working on the new project holds a majority stake in the child company and can influence the share price through their effort. If it doesn't work out, they can take return to a position inside the parent company. Might encourage even family men/women to build new, useful things.

Comment Re:So tell them to Bugger off. (Score 2) 213

But as an OSS developer, don't you have a responsibility to fix some problem in your code?


You released code so someone would use it

No, people can release the source code because they feel like it.

If you like releasing half-baked crap that is useless to someone after they've invested real time and money, don't release such software in the first place

Just because a project is released, doesn't mean you have to use it. If you want to use something for no money, you have to do your research to make sure that you are using the right open source project.

Comment Why does slashdot hate facebook so much? (Score 1) 208

Facebook is one of the most open companies in the world, more open than *gasp* Google. They have open sourced most of their data center and hardware designs, internal tools etc which are kicking ass in other companies across the world, note that this is something that Google does not do. They open source stuff only outside their own core businesses and closely guard in secrecy their most revenue generating products. Facebook's mission itself is making the world more open and connected. So why is the pro - open source (free) /. crowd so incensed about Facebook? Because sheeples hand over their private data to Facebook willingly?

Comment Re:Not Surprise for MegaUpload (Score 1) 439

I suppose it could happen but really down any of those artists using MegaUpload to distribute their stuff were the ones sending DMCA take down requests and if they were I would expect they would note that they were okay with MegaUpload distributing the file on another part of the site.

I read the first time you posted this. The flaw in your argument was easier to catch. I see that you have revised your post to make it more subtle. To think there could be no scenerio where the actual content owners would not object to their content being posted elsewhere on MegaUpload is just too narrow minded. For example someone may have uploaded a file to megaupload and getting paid for users downloading it via the affiliate program. If someone else uploads it the owner is denied his/her money.

Comment Bad business practices (Score 2) 359

Why there are so many cases about bad business practices about Oracle? 1) Oracle not honouring an agreement with HP to continue to support Itanium 2) Oracle failing to file profit returns correctly 3) Oracle sued for 'extortion and lies' I thought legal and management departments where more important than engineering departments in a tech company

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