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Comment Re:Internet is not a school priority... (Score 1) 256

As far as the prices go I still want to know why the local schools are still using bonded T1 lines instead of the local fiber ISP

Best I can figure the e-rate subsidy makes them really really cheap as you can get a 50/50 buisness class fiber connection in town here for $157 Sure that's not cheap but you can't get a single T1 line for that price anywhere.

Comment Re:Two studies (Score 1) 287

Yeah AT&T tried to pull that on us after we upgraded to 12Mbps and we were only getting 8mbps.
Turns out while they don't guarantee internet speeds if the modem won't even sync at the rated up to speeds they have to send someone out to fix it.

You can use soy sauce and stuff to season the chicken but that should be a relatively minor percentage.

Comment Re:Brilliant ad campaign! (Score 1) 606

It all depends often with the secondhand units the kinect was sold separately. So it was the choice between it and a few other games if you could afford it.

But no the Xbox one is probably still not a good example because of how often it needs a broadband connection and suprisingly enough that is still occasionally a problem in my area.

We had one returned last month because "they didn't know it required an Internet connection" so the entire platform is still limited to the more well off or at least more than it should be IMHO.

Comment Re:Brilliant ad campaign! (Score 1) 606

I thought it was rather funny especially the part where it was listing cyanide as one of the ingredients.

As for the kids shouting xbox off it's not often that the richer kids are at a disadvantage hardware wise so it's funny when having the latest and greatest backfires.

Like when they think they are hidden on the map because their computer is powerful enough to render grass.

Comment Re:Sweet! (Score 1) 48

I don't see how this is going to help coverage significantly more than band 12 has and that's not even fully rolled out yet.

Spotty coverage is what keeps me from using it here the LTE speeds have been great anywhere I could get a LTE signal and while that's most places there are still enough places that are no service areas to be significant.

Note I don't have anything that will support t-mobile's band 12 yet but I'm talking about outdoors coverage where there should be little difference in coverage between their other bands

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