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Submission + - Microsoft removes the "X" from Windows 10 update leaving no way out 2

simpz writes: The Register reports that Microsoft has changed the Windows 10 update dialog and no longer shows the X close button. They say once agreed to there is no obvious back out method and it is now out of step with Microsoft's own documentation on this. They have a screenshot of this.

Comment Maybe they can now fix all the illegal characters (Score 1, Insightful) 260

And allow us to use files called CON, PRN, AUX, NUL, COM1, COM2, COM3, COM4, COM5, COM6, COM7, COM8, COM9, LPT1, LPT2, LPT3, LPT4, LPT5, LPT6, LPT7, LPT8, and LPT9.

Or use of <, >, :, ", |,?,* characters.

Or the other strange arbitrary rules, e.g. spaces allowed in names but a filename must have something other than spaces in it. There are many others.

But Linux also should probably not limit file paths to 4096, I'd have thought that might start to be an issue for people using a lot of Unicode.

Comment Re:What Microsoft Still needs to do (Score 1, Insightful) 163

1/ OOXML: I'm not saying you can't get some level of interop. Not being able to fully use OOXML in anything else is a huge inhibitor to adoption of a competing product. Putting a disclaimer on a product will massively inhibit adoption. The standard is now OOXML, if you don't have support that fully, people will be much less likely to use your product. There is a huge fear with end users of it not working perfectly.

What I'am saying, is that the signal MS is putting out by still not using an fully interoperable file format (by default) is MS doesn't embrace open standards but lock in. This isn't helping their case!

3/ Bundling: It maybe good business, but so is the mob's protection racket! This has been looked badly on by various courts around the world, including the Italian Supreme court that said (from Wikipedia) "a commercial policy of forced distribution" and slammed this practice as "monopolistic in tendency".

Again we are talking message here, this policy that makes free operating systems MORE expensive the commercial ones on the same hardware, just doesn't sit well with people who might value freedom over being abused cause someone thought good business. Well guess what this is now bad business as it makes us want to give MS a wide berth.

4/ FAT patents: Wow. Just Wow. Long file names on FAT, everyone who know this field thinks this technology was obvious. It's a very obvious engineering hack to make long file names on FAT. There were companies doing long filenames on FAT fully compatibly before MS (using a variety of methods, and often more backward compatibly than MS), it's just that MS could make the standard. I'm afraid you are just plain wrong on this one!

Even ignoring the rights and wrongs of software patents. There are companies that like Google that have patents on software, that only use them defensively, not MS they are using them aggressively on rather obvious technologies because they are exploiting their monopoly. Put another way, they are making a ton of cash on a something that probably took comparatively little thought (read R&D expenditure) to come up with.

Comment What Microsoft Still needs to do (Score 1, Insightful) 163

If Microsoft want Linux people to trust them they have a lot of ground to make up. And they claim they want this for Azure. Here are a few little things:

1/ Stop loading standards committee with your goons, then back genuine open document standards. Thereby showing you embrace openness and want your products to compete on features not just lock-in.

2/ Stop deprecating the few Linux desktop products you have or give them limited functionality (e.g. Skype) . Okay so you are interested in Linux on a server. But your desktop nastiness just makes us all think you aren't sincere on the server either. How about releasing some other Linux desktop products, if you really want to show willing.

3/ Stop being nasty to PC vendors that want to ship OS free or Linux based PC's (increasing price of Windows licenses).

4/ Stop threatening Linux/Android vendors with patents for obvious things e.g. FAT long file names., exFAT which is also pretty straight forward. And make them open standards, they are pretty obvious anyway! That just looks grasping and controlling. Lets face it MS, the only reason you have a patent of any value is you have a Desktop monopoly.

5/ Don't release new Linux products with functionality crippled compared to the Windows versions, and give some commitment to it's long term future.Not giving equivalent functionality (at the same time) makes me think you will move me over to Windows if I need a particular feature. And the lack of commitment makes us old Unix heads remember IE on Solaris and HP-UX which disappeared as soon as you destroyed Netscape in the market. Not forgiven yet for this piece of obvious nasty behaviour. Otherwise people like me who work in corporate IT will not touch Linux SQL Server with a long pole, we only use it now on Windows where we have no choice.

6/ And a little contrition wouldn't hurt, "we know we haven't been fair to this community in the past etc" style. Maybe you'll realise that the whole world will one day not be running Windows!!

Anyone who doesn't get why the above has really annoyed the Linux community, is probably the definition of a MS shill. These changes would benefit Windows users too!

Comment Being Screwed by MS (Score 1) 209

What did people think would happen if you invest in a platform you don't control.

MS have a long history of screwing partners, especially if the partner has started to make real money in an area.

My sympathy for these developers is limited, yes release on Windows but you maybe want to do another platform so you have a plan B.

Comment Re: How does Ubuntu Linux compare? (Score 1) 583

Window 10 is so much worse than android:

1/ With Android they "only" log my activity when I interact with Google. I can avoid this, or at least I know when (using maps, Google Now, gmail etc). I can use my own mail services, Firefox, etc W10 logs *everything* , i've tried that experiment of watching it phone home when firing up the calculator.

2/ MS are moving to uninstall software automatically. Google have never done this.

3/ Even if I don't like this level of containment of Google I can replace their Android with Cyanogenmod. Even though a bit of a faff, there is no option to do this with W10.

4/ This is my PC, was an open device, I've come to expect this. I expect more from this than my phone or tablet. This makes W10 so much worse.

How long until media companies etc ask for undesirable programs to be removed or at least who has them so they can sue people?

Comment Secret plan? (Score 1) 720

And maybe not even MS's. Use the telemetry to report use of non-authorized versions of movies, TV shows, music to MPAA etc. They can send you the bill...

Or just blocking 'piracy' software that they consider unacceptable...EAC etc

Not this year, not next, but 5 years time?

Once MS has this data and everyone is over to these Malwared versions. Even if MS don't want I can see them being sued to enable this.

Comment Get a Outbound SMTP service (Score 1) 217

I host my own email server. I have it on a domestic connection with dynamic IP so no reverse IP and that makes outbound problematic to some sites. So I signed up to an Outbound SMTP service for that piece ( I picked a mysmtp.eu), my Postfix TLS's to them and they TLS outbound so acceptable security, for my purposes. Inbound SMTP for me works fine with dyndns holding my A and MX records (IP changes pushed to dyndns automatically from my router), even with my self signed cert (mainly just want the link encrypted). I have a VPS on a fixed IP as a secondary MX, that can hold my email when my IP changes and people's DNS TTL's take a little while to catch up with my dyndns changes. Also I can flip the secondary to primary if my home server is due to be down for a while (e.g. moving house, ISP outage etc).

Using an outbound service makes it easier to set an SPF record for your domain. This and reverse DNS (as other people have said) cause the issues with other sites accepting.

Comment Not like Android (Score 1) 578

People say that Windows 10 is just doing what Android does. Just not true.

Firstly this is my PC so I do more on it.

But mainly as far as I'm aware Android is reporting back to Google only when I use Google services, so I'm aware they are doing this (gmail, maps and Google now etc). Not when I'm using non Google apps. I can guarantee this with Cyanogen. But even the base Android source is examanable.

But with Windows 10 it seems to be reporting from the base OS (illustrated by even reporting back when running something like calc. There is no source to examine or Windows Cyanogen.

This is a big difference that no one is pointing out. And the reason Win10 is truly nasty don't for privacy.

Submission + - Snowden discusses the GCHQ smartphone hacking tools

simpz writes: Edward Snowden has given an interview to the BBC about what GCHQ Smurf smartphone hacking tools are capable of doing. The register has the story:


These are probably baseband processor attacks. Any phones provide a decent separation of the baseband from the application OS? Or should we be buying MiFi's and small tablets?

Submission + - Ask Slashdot: Country best to avoid government surveillance?

simpz writes: Which country is best to choose for hosting Internet services and locating VMs to avoid government surveillance (both NSA and local)?

It should be a country with good connectivity to the US and Europe, but have strong legal protections from mass surveillance. People talk about Switzerland, Norway and Iceland (even Spain). Anyone worked through the pros and cons of each of these? I'm not concerned about legitimate (with court order) surveillance, just the un-targeted mass surveillance most governments seem to do. I don't believe this bad behavior should be rewarded or made easy.

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