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Comment Re:Sadly... (Score 1) 168

You have provided no evidence at all that Mauritius is under a telecommunications monopoly when it comes to the Internet and that the state of connectivity is as you want to portray it to be. Who is being juvenile here? The person who is staying on-topic or who is name-calling. You don't get to call the case closed. Things don't work this way. It it way too easy to say I have troll accounts when you're unable to provide data to sustain your claims. But on go on, I'm eager to know what are my troll accounts.

Comment Re:Sadly... (Score 1) 168

So are you at least going to admit you were wrong on your claim that MT is a monopoly and all other ISPs go through MT, when I have provided the ICTA document that it is not the case and another reader just provided BGP route tables to support this?

Agreed I got the part on 'being in mauritius a few weeks ago' wrong (it was more in beginning of 2012). It further strengthens that you DON"T live in Mauritius like you originally claimed.

We're not talking about state of mind and thinking process anymore at this point. I called you out on your claim and gave enough data to refute you. Name-calling me or questioning my education will not make you right Either come up with relevant data, or just admit your information was outdated. Since you believe that my data is not evidence, is your original misinformed post evidence? You provide anecdotes and insults. I provided data. I'm suddenly reminded of this meme on arguing on the internet.

Comment Re:Sadly... (Score 1) 168

If that was a discussion about the state of ADSL (now that we've established MT is not the monopoly you wanted it to be portrayed as), how about you stuck to the tech nature of the discussion and not resort to racial slurs? Regarding the discrepancy of the service, I wrote in my lots earlier post that I have some customers complain about the speed but it was due to limitations of the technology itself (e.g. being on the last mile) You were attempting to portray Mauritius as being a really backwards nation with one telecommunications operator acting as a monopoly with the blanket insinuation that internet service is crap. I gathered information from your twitter to determine whether you really lived in Mauritius as you claimed or you were just an occasional visitor. You linked the misleading information you gave regarding the nature of internet connectivity here with you being a resident of Mauritius.

Now if instead of keeping the discussion at the tech level, you start taking refuge in racial slurs towards other participants in the tech discussion. I think you need to look at your own capacity to engage in a tech talk before you judge others.

Comment Re:Sadly... (Score 1) 168

My oh my, resorting to name-calling and racial slurs when you run out of arguments. Well, I'll give you fodder to insult me now.

On your twitter, you wrote that you're in paradise when you visited Mauritius a few weeks ago.
On slashdot, you write, this 'wretched island' 'pathetic and 'backward island'. How do you explain this discrepancy.

Also, judging from your Twitter feed, it shows you have lived mostly in England for the past few years. Technically, you don't live in Mauritius and in England; you've just come to visit on occasion. This strengthens my earlier statement that you really live in England, not in Mauritius as you claim.

I've called you out on your insinuation that I work for MT so I must be bullshitting. The graphs have spoken.
I've called you out on your claim that MT is a monopoly. It is not and other service providers don't depend on them. Your claim that when "MT goes down, everyone else goes down" is a complete lie.

Last, as transvestite Tasha26, you ought to know what prejudice is like. I believe you have experienced this at least once in your life. Remember this is a tech site, not a place for your racial slurs.

Comment Re:Sadly... (Score 1) 168

My 2 Mbps ADSL gives me a stable 200 KB/s at pretty much any time of the day. At least one of my customers in the capital city gets an average of 3.2 Mbps on his 4 Mbps subscription. I do have some customers who complain of their line speeds but they're mostly on the last mile so they're hitting a technological limit.

Emtel is part of the consortium of operators of the LION2 project and as such are hooked to LION2 independently of Mauritius Telecom. When MT's infrastructure goes down, Emtel happily keeps chugging along. Also as from April 2012, ICTA-licensed local operators are allowed to connect directly to the undersea cable station.

You namecalling me does not make you right. You have maybe lived in London for too long to notice the changes happening in Mauritius.

Comment Re:Sadly... (Score 2) 168

Tasha26, you are giving inaccurate information to Slashdot readers. This is not the 90s anymore; the national telecommunications operator no longer holds a monopoly on internet connectivity. You can get an Internet subscriptions from other providers like ADBN, Emtel, DCL, MTML and soon. ADSL is available up to 4 Mbps (Unmetered). I am myself subscribed to a 2 Mbps unmetered connection for about USD 45/month. It is more expensive than what you would get in developed nations but keep in mind that we're on a tiny island in the middle of nowhere. We have undersea fiber (SAFE, LION2, EASSy etc.) linking us to the rest of the world.

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