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Comment IBM have left the desktop (Score 1) 366

Can't see if this is mentioned anywhere, but IBM got out of the desktop business a few years ago if you recall. ThinkPads are made by Lenovo now, who are a completely different company, based in China.
In addition, yes, AIX is moribund. IBM have abandoned that for z/OS on mainframes and SUSE everywhere else. I worked on a migration to an IBM datacentre a few years ago where, despite the original intention of virtualising SUSE on a z-Series mainframe, we ended with a bunch of p-Series servers running AIX. IBM couldn't even schedule a permanent member of staff to build the machines and had to get a contractor in to install their own OS on their own machines.
Having said that, I knew someone at the time who had a PowerPC ThinkPad, which was a peculiar beast indeed. It ran AIX with CDE but even in 2004 it seemed like an anachronism with very few of the things you needed to make a desktop machine useful: I think OpenOffice 1 had been ported.


Submission + - Scottish ballot computer hits UK independence vote

evilandi writes: "Thursday's Scottish elections have been called into doubt after the new computer ballot counting system from DRS failed to read a massive number of votes, instead declaring them spoilt papers. The vote is critical in deciding whether Scotland will have a referendum on splitting away from the United Kingdom. Independence could mean the UK's most likely next Prime Minister, Gordon Brown — a Scot — would cease to be eligible for the post less than three years into the next term."

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