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Comment Wait, What (Score 1) 196

I am with a significantly cheaper isp (BE) and on UK servers i get a ping generally between 15-30. I though ping was pretty much a non issue (with server based games at least) since the proliferation of broadband. I don't even have a bandwidth limit that i'm aware of (i'm sure there probably is but i download my large geeky share and i've never heard anything) What is it exactly they're offering for the extra money? I'm confused.

Comment Only in the US (Score 1) 298

I cannot believe there has been an outcry about this, honestly only in America could that be considered remotely innapropriate. I remember a long time ago in the UK when mobiles were just getting really popular there was an advert (I cant remember the network, sorry) for a phone where a couple kept sending each other texts that were obviously suggestive and then got home and immediately jumped on each other.

The tagline then went: "Get the flirting done before you get home" or similar.

And the UK is probably more reserved about this sort of thing on TV than the rest of Europe. It just makes me laugh when you pride yourself for beeing 'free' unlike the 'terrorists'.

Comment Re:Where do we complain? (Score 5, Insightful) 169

So true, try complaining and you will see what he means. I'd like to say that the documentaries the BBC produces, especially the new wildlife ones, are groundbreaking worldwide and worth the funding alone in my opinion. Then you have hours of original and period drama, the 24hr news service online and on the television, some sports coverage, lots of comedy, CBBC, Radio 1(current),2(old),3(classical),4(current issues),5 (sport) and local, all WITHOUT ADVERTS. Add to this that BBC pretty much kick started the whole internet TV thing, at least in this country - without adverts.

The BBC is about the only example of a 'compulsory tax' (it isn't compulsory) which has worked and continues to work in the public good to the satisfaction of pretty much everyone. The recent disputes about funding cause me to worry: it is money well spent.

If we complain to the BBC, they will listen: it is precisely because of this 'compulsory tax' that they may listen to us over the huge pockets and interests of the comercial fat cats

Comment Re:perception & reality (Score 1) 414

As a Northerner i feel i have to make the point that London is in Britain, not the whole of it. Politeness, friendliness , conversations with strangers, opinions and generally the opposite impression you're giving seem a lot more commonplace here (i live near Manchester). Consumerism isn't overboard out here especially for the men (sorry ladies) and prices are much lower.

With all the stories of a 1984 Britain here on slashdot, most of them about London, i feel it needs to be stated that out away from the capital things are generally much more relaxed, the cameras are just near shops and generally privately owned (therefore no oppressive evil overlord with the power to follow your every move). The police out here will generally turn a blind eye to you smoking weed on a quiet road somewhere or going a bit over the speed limit where safe or selling dodgy dvds in the pub (bar).

My point is whilst the cameras may be bad, we really don't live in fear of big brother and free-thinking is still encouraged strongly at many of our plentiful universities. My only fear would be that this is eroding over time.

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