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Submission + - Labor Pain Lasts Longer For Women Who are Nervous (

An anonymous reader writes: A human body can bear only up to 45 Del (unit) of pain but at the time of giving birth, a woman feels up to 57 Del of pain. This is similar to 20 bones getting fractured at a time! For that very reason, the thought of delivering a baby, understandably makes a woman nervous.
Every woman wishes for the shortest possible labor time. But researchers say, that women who are nervous about delivery take longer to deliver. While a nervous woman would take around eight hours to give birth a woman is not scared might do the same in six and a half hours.

Researchers believe that one-fifth of women are nervous about giving birth, known as tocophobia.
The cause behind the same is that when a woman is scared, her body releases adrenaline, which stops proper contraction of the muscles in the womb and prevents her from pushing out the baby.
Also, the research found that those women who are scared are the ones who generally need an epidural or a caesarean.

Comment Re:don't forget the network as well like the switc (Score 1) 264

Yeah, I thought this was obvious, but until a few weeks ago our head office (which I only visit occasionally) had been using a non-switched hub to connect about 10 PCs together, plus the internet router. Big face-palm!! As soon as I realised that I went out and bought a $25 switch to replace it. Suddenly their database didn't experience slowdowns anymore. Surprise!


Submission + - SPAM: Hydrogen fuel cell to charge your mobile phone

dreemteem writes: "Taiwanese researchers have built a new mobile-phone recharger based on fuel cell technology they say will cost little once manufacturing partners are on board.
The handset rechargers, which contains the fuel cell, will cost around £20, while the fuel itself will come in small blue plastic tubes for about 20p each, said Jerry Ku, a researcher at the Industrial Technology Research Institute, a government funded lab in Taiwan.
"The fuel canisters are inexpensive and small. They could be sold at 7-Eleven," he said."

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Submission + - Heart patient with no pulse ( 2

laggist writes: "Heart patient in Singapore implanted with artificial heart that pumps blood continuously, allowing her to be very alive without a pulse.

From the article: '.. the petite Madam Salina, who suffers from end-stage heart failure, would not have been able to use the older and bulkier models because they can only be implanted in patients 1.7m or taller. The 30-year-old administrative assistant is the first recipient here to get a new artificial heart that pumps blood continuously, the reason why there are no beats on her wrist.'"

Submission + - iKraft iBackflips on iSnack

lordlod writes: "After just five days of non-stop ridicule iKraft has decided that the bastard child of combining Apple and O'Reilly's marketing might not actually work for a spread. So iSnack 2.0 is being retired.

Not that they have any better ideas themselves, another competition will be run allowing people to vote on the least atrocious name. Fortunately they have made enough product with the iSnack 2.0 name that we get to mock them for months until it sells out."

Submission + - "Telepresence" robots already in hospitals and bus (

destinyland writes: "31 Michigan hospitals are already treating stroke patients using real "robot surrogates" — the InTouch Health RP-7i, controlled remotely by a doctor using a joystick. The "telepresence" robot helps them administer a crucial treatment protocol 20 times more often than the national average, and it's part of a growing trend. NextGen research predicts the number of robots will triple to 25 million units within the next six years, with a larger share being these "telepresence" bots. One motion-detection robot can even email photographs of intruders, while a robotics CEO is already using a surrogate to eliminate his need to commute. Instead, "his robot sits next to his desk at the office, available for anyone to approach and ask him a question.""

Submission + - Guns Allowed in Arizona Bars Starting Wednesday (

suraj.sun writes: "Under the law, backed by the National Rifle Association, the 138,350 people with concealed-weapons permits in Arizona will be allowed to bring their guns into bars and restaurants that haven't posted signs banning them.

Those carrying the weapons aren't allowed to drink alcohol.

The new law has Shields and other bar owners and workers wondering: What's going to happen when guns are allowed in an atmosphere filled with booze and people with impaired judgment?

"Somebody can pull the trigger, then a bullet comes out, and people get hurt and killed," said Brad Henrich, owner of Shady's, a popular neighborhood bar that sees occasional minor scuffles. "The idea of anyone coming in with guns in a place that serves alcohol just seems ludicrous."

An 8 1/2-by-11-inch sign that says "No Firearms Allowed" and shows a red slash over a gun now hangs next to Henrich's liquor license. If a bar owner does not post such a state-approved sign, people with concealed weapons are allowed in with their guns.

Foxnews :,2933,557503,00.html"

Submission + - Amazon's cloud: 50,000 VMs a day and counting? (

Dan Jones writes: This story may interest the Slashdot crowd. It has been estimated that Amazon Web Services (AWS) is provisioning some 50,000 EC2 server instances per day or more than 18 million per year. But that may not be entirely accurate. A single Amazon Machine Image (the virtual machine) may be launched multiple times as an EC2 instance, thereby indicating that the true number of individual Amazon servers may be lower, perhaps much lower, than 50,000 per day. So, even if it's out by a factor of 10 that's still 1.8 million VMs per year. Is that sustainable? By way of comparison, In February of this year, Amazon announced S3 contained 40 billion objects. By August, the number was 64 billion objects. This indicates a growth of 4 billion S3 objects per month, giving a daily growth total of about 133 million new S3 objects per day. How big can the cloud get before it starts raining?

Submission + - Google Sidewiki impacts your Customer Satisfaction (

adele2009 writes: "Google's new universal commenting system called Sidewiki is about to cause a major change to customer satisfaction, marketing, product launches, and public relations. Any company or organization that has a web site is impacted. Every organization will need to develop a social media strategy and strengthen their customer satisfaction strategy."

Comment PyGoWave (Score 3, Informative) 132

If you're itching to try out Google Wave like I am, a bunch of developers have already launched their own wave server implementation. A combination of Python + Django Framework + Javascript. You can create an account and have a play around, or you can download and run your own. Note that its still in early alpha state.

Submission + - Identity theft is not a crime in Canada (

innocent_white_lamb writes: "What if someone racks up thousands of dollars of bills in your name and you don't find out until a year later when the collection agencies start hounding you?

If you live in Canada, you're out of luck. Canadian criminal laws don't apply to identity theft discovered after one year has gone by, even if you have the perp's confession on tape.

This is the story of one guy who is on the hook for thousands of dollars after leaving his id somewhere that an ex-roommate could find it a few years ago. He can't even get information from the credit card and collection agencies about what he may or may not owe them, because his (real) phone number and address differs from what that they have on file from the fraudster.

The word "screwed" comes to mind.

He has paid $5000 toward the fraudster's debt so far, but owes at least $15,000 more and that's just the amount that he knows about so far."

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