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Comment Forum (Score 1) 459

This is like the worst forum for this stuff. Half of the respondents are like there is no problem and the other half is like black people suck. Any black people reading this would say why would I want to be part of this community. I actually kind of think this is click-bait for white people rather than any interest in social issues.

Comment Not this shit again (Score 1) 834

So there is no problem then! Oh thank goodness. I was getting a little scared there for a minute. Discourse on the internet is okay and nobody is being sexually harassed or called the N-word. It is only that one crazy asshole who is issuing death threats. Are the only victims gamers? Being punished by reviewers not giving their favorite games 10s? I am really confused. Tell me how you are oppressed? Really tell me about your cause and why it is worth killing someone over?

Comment The Only Solution Is Money!!! (Score 2) 265

There is no engineering solution to this particular problem. The only solution is a market one. When customers buy games on Linux desktop at the rate of Windows desktop the game industry and hardware stack developers will care enough to put their A team on it (better yet they will hire more developers downstream to work on it). I don't believe this will happen and here is why:

We are in the middle of a platform shift today. The PC desktop is in decline and the players are fighting for a shrinking market. Mobile is saturating the market. A successful Linux gaming market people don't want to talk about is Android. Google provided a compelling alternative to the Apple ecosystem. Many hardware vendors had a limited to no market in the Apple ecosystem, Google provided an more open hardware ecosystem with developer credibility. Hardware vendors are now squeezing every bit of performance out of the mobile hardware today.

The Linux desktop does not have the same opportunity now, we kind of blew it a decade ago when PCs were relevant. We then blew it again when Netbooks were on the rise (started as Linux only at first), and then blew it again during the Windows 8 debacle (Chromebooks are our only success story here (similar to Android in this respect)). With all the in fighting about compositors, windows managers, incompatible kernel ABI, etc there is no compelling story. There was no real market to demonstrate who the winners and losers were and drive developer resources, so here we are in 2014 still arguing about stuff like Wayland, Mir, X, etc. The "free" free market leads developers to argue about dumb shit like GUI tool kits, syntax indenting, and init systems. Hardware vendors don't give a shit because they can't sell units based on these things. We are not solving problems that would grow their bottom line and thus they have no interest in growing our bottom line. This is simple economics.

Many Linux desktop diehards have moved to MacOS X which is has competent desktop, with a rich market of customers willing to play, and software library that is brimming with quality apps, with a UNIXey environment underneath. Apple demonstrated what we could have done if we had gotten our act together and the market has rewarded them.

Comment Narrative (Score 1) 993

Sadly there is a lot about the open source narrative that we are finding that is not true. Inclusivity and security seem to be the first of a set of pillars that are falling for opensource. Companies gobble up opensource projects they want and lock them behind ecosystems that are not interoperable. It is kind of sad.

Comment Re:You're still not getting it, I have a right... (Score 1) 897

Well no you don't have the right in all cases! I am sure the employee at Microsoft signed an agreement that he would follow certain guidelines, so no he did not have the right to do this on behalf of Microsoft. Linus also has the right to accept, correct, or reject code that he does not like in his tree. You have the right to be a jackass (at least in the US) but we don't have to give you a platform.

Comment Do You Want The Truth? (Score 1) 708

The truth is that no one knows how you are going to stay employable!

We have no idea about the challenges you are facing now and will face in the future. We don't even know what lies before us in the future. The best chance you have is to make sure your lifestyle is sustainable. Make sure you get out of debt (if any) and are physically and mentally healthy. Be kind and considerate to others (even if they do no deserve it). Reduce your attachments to material things. Things do not make you happy anyway. If you are not happy with the work you are doing now, find something that interests you and gives your life purpose (life is too short).

Good luck!

Comment Poorly Written Article (Score 1) 653

This article has a racist subtext. I have also seen extremely unskilled programmers from the US at the > $100/hr level. There are countless federal projects that fail with cost overruns for any number of reasons. Choosing US programmers does not guarantee success. I think ultimately companies need to realize that software development is very hard and you just can't randomly hire/contract programmers and expect success. Top programmers are hard to find and expensive no matter what country look at.

Comment Re:When this racism shit ends (Score 0) 645

Let me guess you are white. I dare you to ask any black person if white privilege does not exist. I bet you will have a tough time finding one. But in your mind they are all liars or lazy. I hate the "black people are just lazy" narrative. It's a really tired old lie you people keep telling yourselves. :-)

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