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Comment Re:Other than Brother... (Score 1) 387

One reason is because one has to interact with authorities in their countries. They still want us to either use (snail)mail or fax (or both).

For example we mostly email invoices to our customers but we also have to keep hard copies. So we print 3 copies. One goes to customers (eventually) via snail mail. The other goes to our accountant. The 3rd we keep in a folder for when/if the fiscal authority decides to drop in.

Comment Re:Other than Brother... (Score 1) 387

Inktank printers are available from Canon and Brother as well. IMO they're designed better with no ink tanks hanging to the side. The Brother inktanks have their filling holes at 45 degree angle so ink does not spill when (re)filling

Oh, and HP made a kludgy inktank printer too. The HP DeskJet GT 5820. The only good thing I have to say about it is that the filling system and bottle caps prevent ink from spilling.

Comment What the hell?! (Score 3, Insightful) 675

From the article:

"But, for the less digitally inclined, plastic cards and those tiny metal chips will probably still be pretty cumbersome for the foreseeable future."

My mom has 70+ years and can shop the any local store with her card just fine. We use chip & pin over here. She can remember her card pin just fine. She's also not digitally or technically inclined. The whole thing takes a few seconds until the transaction is authorized by the bank.

What exactly is your excuse there, over the pond?

Banks have been issuing new cards (or replacing older ones) with NFC versions for at least a year. Just bonk and pay.

Comment Re:Tedious Smear (Score 0) 414

"Still dodging."
And you're still not getting it.
Me anticipating your ridiculous conclusion does not mean I did not answer. You might not be satisfied with my answer, but that is of little consequence to me. Tell your PR dpt. to prepare a better script next time which anticipates "rebels" and out of script answers to the questions.
As for my "partisanship", dude, I'm not even native to that part of the world nor do I live there. Thank God! I would be driven out of my mind by your ridiculous nanny state.

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