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Comment Community-building instead? (Score 1) 199

UX is good, and you have to invest in it no matter what, but it'll never be a silver bullet unless you strip your apps way way way down - something that'll be painful for both you and your established users.

But if your docs really are a bottomless pit, it might behoove you to invest in your community instead of documentation. Grow some in-house experts and put them on the forums and a chat system. Send your users there instead of to increasingly out-of-date help docs and get them in the habit of searching for answers there. Build a reputation for responsiveness to get free customer loyalty on the side. Send your UX people and engineers to the forums as well so they get the pulse of your most frustrated customers. Slowly your community will become your experts as well.

Comment I want voters to go to college (Score 3, Insightful) 253

I wasn't ecstatic about all the non-major courses I had to take when my primary worry was getting a programming job after I got my degree, and I might have taken an $100K out if it was available. But now 10-15 years later I'm glad I that my formal education included a psychology class, a statistics class, a history class, and others. Maybe I would have picked all that up on my own, or maybe I'd have a giant black hole in my world view.

There's a training side to education and there's a wisdom side to education, and they're both important in the long run. Telling young people to get jobs right out of high school because being well-rounded isn't necessary for "smart" people just means it's going to be a crap shoot as to whether their decisions repeat history or learn from it.

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