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Comment Re:Yay? (Score 1) 192

If I may, I believe mfwitten is talking about keyboard-centric uses, not the environment. For example, sending an email. It is far more efficient to use a real keyboard (keyboard-centric) than it is to use an on-screen keyboard program with a mouse (GUI). Either way, you are still logged into your Gmail through a browser, but the way that you interact with that GUI is different. Ubuntu is mentioned because in Unity it is more efficient to hit the key with the flag on it and start typing the name of the program you want to use than it is to click on the Ubunto logo and scroll through all umptillion things you have installed looking for that same specific app.

Comment Re:Advice (Score 1) 643

It is also not unreasonable that I would not be decapitated, but rather trapped in my seat with a stupid cloth strap cutting off my air. This is really what I am worried about, not decapitation. I found a clip for $1 that fixes the problem, but still...

Comment Re:Advice (Score 1) 643

What I ended up doing is getting a $1 clip made for such problems. Seatbelt no longer goes across my neck. But I think you missed my point. The minor law made to keep me safe was really putting me in greater danger. I am padded enough I could probably survive a moderate collision without the seatbelt. I'm not so sure I would survive the same collision with a strap cutting across my throat.

Comment Re:Advice (Score 2) 643

I'm a pretty big guy (on Slashdot? Shocking!) and in every car I have ever been in, the seatbelt goes right across my neck because of my stomach. I am working on reducing my stomach, but in the meantime I either have to break the law or ride in fear of instant decapitation from the seatbelt in case of a crash. That seatbelt will not protect me at all. It will break my neck or take off my head.

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