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Comment Re:Against it (Score 1) 613

Timezones are NOT needed for anything. Your proposal would make them even worse. Most of the EU shares the same time zone already now and I would be happy seeing them gone for good everywhere. What you propose would bring more of them and cause clock changes even within one country/city, maybe even city block... No, getridoftimezones.org!

Comment Get rid of both (Score 1) 613

Both the timezones and the DST are obsolete, confusing, error prone, useless and completely unnecessary pieces of crap that bring more harm than good. Somebody has even registered "getridoftimezones.org" already :-) P. S. Where errors and confusion can be too costly to bear (aviation, military, ...) people got rid of those things long ago.

Comment Get rid of that stupid anachronism.. (Score 1) 545

.. which is time zones in the first place. They stem from the times when circumnavigating the globe took months if not years, and even back then it was not really useful. Time zones in general bring more harm than good and they only exist in order to feed our habits of having specific digits on the clock when we do various things. Whenever there is a need for something unambiguous and not susceptible to errors people learned long ago that the only way is to use single time description for the whole planet. Aviation, military and many other services use the only reasonable, unambiguous time description: "Zulu time" aka UTC. When you really think deeply and throw away the "that's impossible" prejudices about time zones - there is really nothing that we would lose by throwing away them completely and saving lots of confusion, unnecessary dealing with them, unnecessary handling of errors with them, etc.. There is only one thing that would be very difficult to adjust ourselves to: New Year would have to start in full sun in some places...

Comment Re:Apple done fucked up good (Score 1) 158

Those things happen. Slightly less often on OS X because they added some constraints on resizing triggers. But all the annoying beauty of this brain-dead idea is there: distracting pointer/cursor changes, unintentional resizes when something completely different was meant. Lost workflow focus, lost time re-sizing the window back to what it was supposed to remain.. And what's worst is that this s**t can't be turned off properly. True, one can edit the plist with either editor or "defaults" command but turning it off this way introduces rendering errors in many windows. Especially there, where the resize gadget is supposed to be placed.

Comment Re:Apple done fucked up good (Score 3, Interesting) 158

OS X has been going downhill (the autosave/versioning sucks for how I use software) and now with 10.9 mail.app regressions and iWorks losing features. I'm not upgrading to iOS 7. I'm not sure if I'll upgrade to 10.9 I need to buy a new computer in a couple months so I may switch to OpenIndiana. Maybe Linux for steam box, we'll see.

The last uphill version was 10.5. This current 10.9 is in big part back-pedalling the visuals of 10.7/8 without removing the functional crap they introduced. I decided not to go beyond 10.6 the moment I saw "Edge Resize" in 10.7 :-(( So... no, thanks - even being free (as beer) doesn't make it more appealing..

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