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Comment Re:Once again... (Score 1) 214

> Do something else while the problem gets fixed.

Was it announced anywhere that there was a problem on EA's side? I loaded up the game and it told me I couldn't play my saves. There was no notice on the forums or in the game itself that said that there were problems with auth servers. So how was I to know the problem wasn't on my end?

This. I wouldn't have had a problem with EA on this *if* they had bothered to make some sort of announcement while they were having the server issues. I know DA:O has DRM and find it annoying and counter-productive, but I really enjoy the game. For me, it's worth it. However, I spent a few frustrating hours going through the forums, trying all of the various solutions that exist for this problem. Had there been some indication that it wasn't anything I could fix on my end, I would have been able to spend those hours actually playing the game rather than getting more and more irritated. Eventually, I simply played the game logged out and didn't have any problems. DLC was still available and I had no problem accessing my saved games. Maybe I was one of the lucky few. But really, EA, at least let your paying customers know that there's an issue that is being resolved and let them know there's a workaround.

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