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Journal sillypixie's Journal: So Sick... 11

This may be the most pathetic Christmas ever.

Both my hubby and I are sick. We've both got a terrible stomach flu, and well, it isn't pretty. We've already had to cancel out of festivities tomorrow night, and I don't hold out much hope for Christmas Eve either.

On the bright side, we're catching up on a lot of movies...

We also finally found a counselor we like. She's great, an older lady with an 11-year-old Lhasa Apso, who patiently perches himself on her lap while she rocks and gestures and tells stories about her own life experiences in addition to listening to ours...

I have no idea whether she can help the marriage, but I feel very confident that she can help us - and that makes me feel like things can come out right.

Hope you're all spending a comfy cozy holiday with those you love.


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So Sick...

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  • I used to like Christmas. Then I got married and discovered my in-laws are selfish bastards.

    They don't seem to understand that I also have a family. They are offended that we want to go see them at the holidays as well (they live within 10 miles of each other). They don't understand why, when we are visiting during the holidays, we might want to visit friends we probably haven't seen since last year.

    They always ruin Christmas dinner. Cooking turkeys properly (that is, not raw in the middle) is evidently
    • Yikes, how terrible...

      We do a lot of driving in order to satisfy both families - this year it was supposed to be 2 hrs round trip on the 23rd to visit my mom's family, followed by 4 hrs to Edmonton on the 24th to hang with my hubby's family, followed by 4 hrs first thing christmas morning to get back here and hang out with my immediate family, followed by a 4 hr trip out the cabin for the rest of the holidays.

      It is gruelling. I feel slightly guilty in admitting that if we're too sick to do any of it, I wou
  • Ugh. I hope that you are both feeling better soon. It's really terrible to be sick at Christmas. A few years back, we flew to California to visit my mother for Christmas, and I was sick as a dog all of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Fortunately, I slept most of the time. I was fine the day after Christmas, though, and ended up having a very nice week out there.

    This is the first year since then that I've traveled for Christmas. That's something that I normally do not like to do, but I'm having a lot
  • Been there, done that, got the stained T-shirt. []

    Get well soon, and hope you eke out a merry and blessed Christmas.



    • Hope your Christmas is merry too Eth, I still feel choked I didn't get to your part of Europe while I was over there... but maybe one day.

      Hug the kidlets for me,

  • Hope your Christmas ends up merry in some form or another. Glad you guys found a good counselor.
  • mentioned the movies and uh....

    Well, at least it's not all hectic running around! :)

    Glad you're getting counseling and that you feel good about being helped.

    Enjoy your time together this holiday. It'll be one you'll remember and tell stories about for years to come. :)
  • Glad to hear you have found a counselor you both like as well. I have a recent experience with a relationship counselor that has been really positive so I hope it works for you too. Wishing you a merry xmas eve and day .. hope you two feel better soon!
  • Sounds like you have a great counselor and attitude about it, too!
  • ...and that you got lots of nice presents :-)
    • Thanks Tux - hope you get lots of nice presents too!

      I'm feeling better, but my hubby is still miserable. Still, I think it will be a nice day today.


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