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Comment Re:Obviously they had to pay a lot (Score 1) 334

I have a $0.01 alternative to this randomizer app.... Flip a fair coin. Designate one side of the penny Heads, and the other side tails....

Also, even if they have 50,000 pre-check lanes, the total cost is still only $500.

But then TSA has to hire skilled workers. They have to be able to flip a coin.

Comment Re:I sympathize I ride DC's METRO rail (Score 1) 474

Landing in DCA is fraught with peril. I've had problems with the weather shutting it down 2 out of the 3 times I've flown there. The run way is close to the river and pilots report that it's like landing on an aircraft carrier. A little bit of mist and they shut down landing there. It's always more expensive, but I'll gladly pay the difference rather than go to Dulles.

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