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Comment Re:Lot of space between $500 and $1k (Score 1) 217

I did not even say that I was part of the evaluation process, but since you were rude enough to insult me unnecessarily, I work for a hospital, and with the requirements for EMR, along with doctors wanting to view scans, one of our VPs (who is quite the fanboy) wanted us to evaluate the capability of the IPad to do these things. Even he was not impressed.

Comment Re:Lot of space between $500 and $1k (Score 4, Interesting) 217

Actually, my company has been demo'ing the IPad for about a month now, and we can not find anything useful for businesses to justify the expenditure. If this Cisco tablet offers more in the way of benefit for our core business, I am quite sure they will be purchased, even if the cost is ~1,000.00.

Comment Re:why do people work for Raytheon? (Score 1) 278

Because people with a true sense of history understand that this world is not black and white. It is several shades of gray at any given time. While, yes, Raytheon manufactures equipment used by the military, many of these technologies trickle down to civilian use, and make America, and its allies, a more comfortable place to live. Its two biggest competitors are good examples of this trickle down. Boeing and Lockheed Martin manufacture just almost as much commercial air equipment as they do military equipment. Today, most people do not even realize that Boeing is a defense contractor.

Comment Re:Hahaha (Score 1) 179

Easy, if you are on Verizon (Droid Incredible), or Sprint (EVO), you do not have to. The Nexus One is not available for either network. I would love to have a Nexus One, since I would not have to wait on manufacturer/network decisions on when to upgrade to the next release of Android. Yes, I am aware that I can root my phone, but the average user is not comfortable with that.

Comment Re:Sad that this is even being considered (Score 1) 1238

Actually, it is not completely an urban myth. The issue of whether Texas could secede does have basis in fact. Before the Civil War, that clause was in the Texas Constitution. Had Texas seceded and stayed on its own (not joined the Confederacy), the Union could have done very little to them. Since Texas threw its lot in with the CSA, however, it received the same punishment that the rest of the states in rebellion received, and that clause was stricken from the state constitution.

Comment Re:Sad that this is even being considered (Score 1) 1238

If I was a state governor, I'd pay the faculty of my state universities create textbooks for my k-12 curriculum. Instead of paying royalties to large publishers, my faculty would be better paid.

Ok. There is a Civics instructor at a local college here who requires his students to purchase his book for his class. His views about how the government should be run are all throughout the book. His bias is very, very liberal. He has been known to fail people who do not write papers conforming to his views. You are advocating that he should indoctrinate our children? I prefer to let them make up their own minds.

Comment Re:WTF (Score 1) 1238

Who says that it is necessarily fake? While you, or I, may not agree with it, in part or whole, it still seems to be a part of history. History has been, and will be, biased towards the people in power. Many things I have read since I graduated high school have challenged what I was taught in school. Incidentally, I went to school in Texas, learning the curriculum you would prefer they stay with. That is not to say that what I learned was "wrong", but that important details were left out. Of course, when teachers are teaching a standardized test, and their pay, and even continued employment, are tied to that test, real teaching can not be done.

Your complaint with the educational system should be taken up with the people that instituted it: the people who decided that every kid, regardless of level of intelligence has the inalienable right to the same education. Unfortunately, the kid with an IQ of 80 and the kid with the IQ of 140 should not be even in the same school, but that is mandated out of Washington.

Comment Re:What a load of crap (Score 2, Interesting) 496

A bit beside the point of this argument, but I happen to use Ubuntu as my primary system because I support several people who I have migrated to it. These users are only concerned with a web browser and an email client. Using Ubuntu makes it easier for phone support, at least in my opinion. I usually open a shell when I am working on their systems directly. I run Slackware and Cent on a couple of "servers", but I, obviously, am most familiar with Debian-based Linux at this point.

Comment Re:Nice try (Score 4, Insightful) 736

The problem is that it is not "denialist's crap." I will not deny global warming for the same reasons that I will not agree with it. The scientific research that has been presented to me, coupled with the research I have done on my own confirms that we, as a population, have no clue what exactly is going on; therefore, we are just along for the ride on a planet that we happen to inhabit. Does this mean that we should not do what we can to take care of our "house"? No, it does not. It simply means that we are trying to solve a problem that may not even exist. Any speculation on what may have happened in the past is exactly that, speculation. All I can do, as an individual who respects the planet I live on, is take care of it because I should.

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