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Comment Re:Marketing is a four-letter word (Score -1) 195

ToS that requires you to click "I Agree" before you can use the app. Most people don't read that kind of thing anyway, so they may agree to let the company collect data. This is typical way of getting consent from consumers without them really know what they are doing.

Ignorance is no excuse. Always read before you sign or agree to anything.

Comment Re:Unlimited Population Growth (Score -1) 306

I wonder if it would be more economical to ship the uneducated off into space.

Free houses on Mars! Complete with beer, iPads, cable TV and unlimited Xbox.

If that offer was truly on the table, many of the educated would take it just for the chance to colonize and study mars.

Comment Re:No matter how you feel about that topic (Score -1) 176

You presume the public prefers paying more for oil so government can collect more money to spend, rather than have lower prices to pay directly from their pockets.

I think he's saying that the government, or the entities controlling the government, would prefer to wait until oil prices are high again. They stand to make a lot more money auctioning off oil rights when oil prices are high.

Comment Missing the point... (Score 0) 1146

I think most people here are missing the point. It's not at all about the efficiency of the light bulbs. It's the fact that were are being coerced into buying these products. I'd rather have the choice to buy whatever type I like. Screw the costs. I'm the one paying for it in the end. But damn, $10 and I can buy all the bulbs I need to for my house seems a lot better than spending $12 on single CFL bulb. CFL's take too long to "brighten" anyways.

PS. Feeling very anti-government at the moment.

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