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Comment Re:Yeah so??? (Score 1) 74

Try Mozilla Labs: Prospector - about:profile for that. Quoting:

This proof-of-concept experiment analyzes the domains in your browsing history to show your overall browsing interests based on ODP categories and Alexa siteinfo. All the analysis is done with your local Firefox data and nothing is sent out of Firefox.

Comment Re:victims deserved it (Score -1) 186

Uh huh. And if NK decides to shell another island or sink another boat, it will be entirely SK's fault for not making a powerful magic force field that can deflect artillery shells and torpedoes.

It will, indeed, if they were able to make that powerful magic force field AND they did not enable it.

Comment Re:The right to be stupid (Score 0) 350

They do not need a free advertising which translates in no views for them. Remember, they think people only read the summaries, which is totally wrong, as you can check on slashdot, where people does not even read the summary.

On the other hand, threatening french people to stop indexing french sites will not work. They will create a french baidu and they will forget about google. Nowadays, google does not have anything special, it is only popular. You can create a google clone if the original does not suit your needs.

Comment Re:I am the author of the spreadsheet in question (Score 0) 386

I would suggest you to disable the word filter. Not only because it's going to give you a lot of false positives (Moby Dick comes to my mind), but because you're dealing with young people which are rebel by nature, have a lot of time and love to game the system. So, in the end, you'll be fighting a lost battle.

A bad words lists is more than an invitation, it's an order to play with the system and invent new words you'll have to add to the list.

Comment Re:Well duh....but.... (Score 1) 133

You are not sure how to fix it because you're thinking short-term, like everyone. To fix it, you have to invest into your own economy, build factories, etc. But takes years and years to do it. The average politician only cares for the next eight years. Well, it's not politician fault. Everyone is short-sighted. Since it takes decades to educate the people, the other way is to channel patriotism into bussiness. To make buying american goods a sign of patriotism.

Comment That is false (Score 1) 427

'Gripping any phone will result in some attenuation of its antenna performance with certain places being worse than others depending on the placement of the antennas. This is a fact of life for every wireless phone,'

Covering my N95 with both hands doesn't result in any attenuation of its antenna performance.

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