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Submission + - Facebook Removes Anti-SOPA Posts (

bs0d3 writes: This Thursday as websites across the internet were recovering from the largest internet protest ever, facebook had its own message to send. Tradechat (host of a popular gaming youtube chanel) had posted an anti-SOPA post to her wall, asking people to contact their local elected officials. It contained the phone numbers of her state's Reps. Facebook removed the post, the reason.. "it violated facebooks terms of conduct". Immediately after, a fan of Tradechat posted a more complete list of REPs and all of their phone numbers, also on her wall. This post was not removed. Was the only problem facebook had with the first post is that it was anti-SOPA?

Submission + - Framous Application Launched to Allow Users to Cre (

siefkencp writes: New application, framous (, launches to allow users to pull photos from Facebook accounts and create a customized collage. The application is designed to work without Adobe flash, making it the first of its kind to work from iPad. Users can easily follow four steps to create a collage, then have it framed and shipped to their door. The application is set up to automatically design a personalized collage using the most ½Âliked½Â(TM) photos from a users account. From there, users can choose to further customize their collage by arranging any combination of photos from both their and their friends’ Facebook photo collections.
Social Networks

Submission + - Facebook check-in through the Point of Sale ( 1

siefkencp writes: When the user swipes his or her loyalty card or provides his or her phone number at the register, the transaction checks into Facebook. The brand is able to optionally post on the customer's wall that they just ate at the restaurant or purchased an item at the store. The customer's Facebook friends see the transaction and can click on it to receive a coupon. Customers who influence their friends to become customers themselves can be rewarded with additional offers. The revenue created by social media is now measurable to the marketer.

Submission + - What data mining firms know about you ( 1

storagedude writes: "Time writer Joel Stein spent three months learning what data mining companies know about him. After learning everything the companies had profiled about him (some of it inaccurate) — social security number, age, marital status, religion, income, debt, interests, browsing and spending habits — he had a surprising reaction: complacency.

"... oddly, the more I learned about data mining, the less concerned I was. Sure, I was surprised that all these companies are actually keeping permanent files on me. But I don't think they will do anything with them that does me any harm. There should be protections for vulnerable groups, and a government-enforced opt-out mechanism would be great for accountability. But I'm pretty sure that, like me, most people won't use that option. Of the people who actually find the Ads Preferences page — and these must be people pretty into privacy — only 1 in 8 asks to opt out of being tracked. The rest, apparently, just like to read privacy rules."

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