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Comment Re:Having a do-over (Score 1) 634

Bad math doesn't prove yours.

33,551,983 voters
* Remain = 16,141,241
* Leave = 17,410,742

33,551,983 voters
* 20% "educated" = 6,710,397
* 80% "uneducated" = 26,841,586

6,710,397 "educated" voters
* 53% Remain = 3,556,510
* 47% Leave = 3,153,886

% "educated" voters amongst Remain = 3,556,510 / 16,141,241 = 22.03% > 20%
% "educated" voters amongst Leave = 3,153,886 / 17,410,742 = 18.11% < 20%

The fraction of educated voters in the leave camp is therefore lower than in the general voting populace.


Submission + - Soyuz Breaks Speed Record to ISS (

Zothecula writes: A manned Soyuz spacecraft set a record for traveling to the International Space Station (ISS), arriving six hours after launch instead of the usual two days. Soyuz 34 lifted off from Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan on Friday, March 28 at 4:43 p.m. EDT (08:43 GMT) and docked with the ISS at 10: 28 PM EDT (03:28 GMT). It was able to catch up and match trajectories with the ISS in only four orbits using new techniques previously tested in ISS rendezvouses with Russian unmanned Progress cargo ships.

Comment yet another conversion error (Score 3, Informative) 198

Juno's mass is listed as 3625kg, or almost 8000 pounds, not almost 8 metric tons.

As for the energy obtained from "falling several hundred million miles": that would be exactly the same energy it took to get that far "up" in the first place (not saying that there's no energy to steal from Jupiter, but it's a pretty hair-brained plan, imho, not in the least because such a trajectory would probably take the better part of a decade to complete).

Comment Re:SImpler; just what sailboats do (Score 1) 315

The Blackbird craft has a ratchet in its drive system which categorically prevents the propellor from ever powering the wheels, whether by air interaction or by discharging built-up/stored rotational momentum. Its presence (and verification of functionality) was mandated by the organisation refereeing the record attempt (NALSA).

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