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Comment Re:Seriously - GTFO (Score 1) 401

What's worse, the slow death or the fact that it makes you lie to yourself?

I choose to smoke and I'm aware its bad for me. There is no denial... I also choose to have a good diet and exercise - why? Death rates for obese people are climbing. You are less likely to be obese if you're a smoker, and nicotine improves memory.

Considering that ~65% of the American population is overweight or obese, you don't need to be a genius to figure out those fat fucks will start dropping like flies in the next 20 years. I'll take my chances with smoking thanks....How about we get celebrities saying "Hey you fatass trekky - stuffing your face with sugary processed food is illogical" or "not exercising is illogical"

Furthermore, Nimoy never said "Smoking Is Illogical" on Twitter and it wasn't referenced in the news article.

This isn't news, it some anti-smokers opinion. If I want opinions I will read Fox News...

Comment Seriously - GTFO (Score 0, Troll) 401

How the hell is this even news?
Smoking causes lung cancer?
Do you think we're all that fucking retarded that we didn't know that?

However - My Grandfather died of lung cancer in his 80's, and he NEVER smoked.

As a smoker and 15 year user for Slashdot - let me just say you guys fucking suck hard these days - I've tried hard to not care with all the politics and beta shit going on - but this kind of story is just bullshit - I hope /. remembers its history one day...

Submission + - First Evidence Found of a Comet Strike on Earth (

mdsolar writes: "Saharan glass and a brooch belonging to King Tut provide the first evidence of a comet directly impacting Earth, a new study claims. The finding may help unlock some of the mysteries surrounding the birth of our solar system.

About 28 million years ago a comet exploded over Egypt, creating a 3600F (2000C) blast wave that spread out over the desert below. The fiery shockwave melted the sand, forming copious amounts of yellow silica glass scattered over 2,300 square miles (6,000 square kilometers) of the Sahara.

Polished into the shape of a scarab beetle, a large piece of this glass found its way into a brooch owned by the famed Egyptian boy king Tutankhamen.

"Because there is no sign of an impact crater, it has been a mystery as to what kind of celestial event actually could have caused this debris field, but a small, black stone found lying in the middle of the glass area caught our attention," said study co-author David Block, an astronomer at Wits University in Johannesburg, South Africa."

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