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Submission + - Future of Web 3.0: Malicious Code for Web 2.0 Apps

techie writes: "Matt Hartley of fame has written about the future of Web 3.0, and in his opinion, why Web 3.0 will bring malicious code writers to Web 2.0 apps. In other words, Web 2.0 as a platform is in danger. "Considering that there are highly ineffective viruses for Mac and Linux platforms, I'm going to be leaning more with the likelihood that tomorrow's threats on non-Windows platforms are going to take place in the Ajax filled wonders of the World Wide Web. Why? So you can develop a single malware script and execute on all three platforms, assuming it's cross platform, of course."

Submission + - U.S. cellphones can disable car keys, Nissan warns

dosboss writes: This article from Reuters warns not to keep your Nissan I-Key near your cell phone. From the article: 'The automaker is asking customers driving new models of two of its flagship sedans to keep their car keys and cellphones at least an inch apart to avoid disabling the "intelligent keys."' There is no description of which cellphone technology they are warning about.
Role Playing (Games)

Submission + - Volunteers to build RPG.

MrShaggy writes: According to an article over on the bbc, Acclaim, is making an RPG. However this RPG is going t be written by volunteers. '"I want it to be a title they own and feel excited about," said Mr Perry, a 24-year veteran of the games industry.' They already have 20,000 people ready to go. This is the link: .stm

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