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Comment Re:A lot of Europeans seem to think so. Is USA? (Score 1) 180

Thank you for the apology. My mis-worded response didn't warrant it, but my point still stands. "American" is a misnomer commonly used to describe us folks who live in the USA. I travel a lot, and on a particular trip an Egyptian I had met to work will called me "an American". I politely explained I'm from the USA, and no more "American" than he is "African". We've been close friends ever since that trip.

Comment Re:A lot of Europeans seem to think so. Is USA? (Score 1) 180

>>Just curious, do you think the United States is a country?

Yes, and "America" is one of three continents.
To describe someone as an "American" is kind of like calling someone from Libya an "African." BTW, if the USA isn't an country, then I'm a Californian.

Comment Re:Take the bus (Score 4, Insightful) 75

I did throw a shitfit and told her that if she wanted to take another Greyhound bus trip, it would be as a single parent. She is quite headstrong, but if that was all the respect I'd get after having to worry about what I knew was going to happen, fuck it .

Wow man - what kind of ultimatum is that for your wife?
Cherish her, love her, support her. Dude, someday you'll wish you had these kinds of problems. Until then, enjoy life /with/ her.

Comment Re:The problem with society (Score 2) 219

Eesh man. I think I understand what you're suggesting, but give the guy a break for doing the right thing.
Perhaps FB Live was the handiest option to document what was going down? Once he had his proof, he was able to do something about it. You seem to think this was a case of "ready fire aim" but it worked.

Comment I'm a cord-cutter, you insensitive clods! (Score 3, Insightful) 29

So many of the "television" apps require that I have a cable subscription to use them. So, while I applaud Apple for making it easier, what I really want is to pay a (reasonably modest) fee to get the "channels" I want without having a cable or satellite subscription.


Comment Re:How I decide what car to buy... (Score 1) 286

When I'm trying to decide which car I should buy, the first people I look to are billionaires. Since their lifestyles and mine are so similar, and since they're obviously so much smarter than I am, I just assume that their decisions are the correct ones.

Steve Wozniak is no billionaire
But to your point, his ~$100mil net work means he can purchase scores of bleeding edge lemons and still have enough left over for the emergency uber ride or two.

Comment A real comparison? (Score 2) 286

As someone who'd love an electric car, I'm already out of the running with a family of four children. I don't have the cash for a "second" car - it make better financial sense for me to spend that cash on gasoline.

That said, I was salivating over the Model 3. The Bolt looks good, and is a step in the right direction, but it's a MUCH smaller vehicle. Plus, as a Chevy owner, I don't hear ANY stories of how my car's manufacturer goes above and beyond to support me. Shoot, my car company even declined to honor a transferred warranty from the previous owner (I paid my fee) and then later declined to honor a voluntary recall because my vehicle was beyond their mileage limit by 100 miles.

Seems like all I hear about Tesla is "we're working to become awesome" and from their owners "it's true, they are awesome." Aim for that level of satisfaction, Chevy, and I'll purchase an Acadia.

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