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Journal Journal: Bizarre occurance

I just noticed that my ID 706678 when adding the 7 + 0 + 6 + 6 = 19. I was born in 1978, how bizarre?
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Journal Journal: A moral for the day

Learn from my mistakes. Small business can get you a foot in the door but there is no future in it.

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Journal Journal: Maxing out karma did not take long

Well its only been about 3 weeks and I have already hit excellent karma. It would seem then that the karma hasn't been that big of a deal. Though I have trolled 1 or 2 days getting a couple 5's in the forums in one day. I have reached my goal and surprisingly it took much less time then expected. Thank you /.

Journal Journal: Job resources

Job searching requires carefull planning these days. If you have all the time in the world to put effort towards finding and applying for jobs, then there is no reason why you shouldn't be able to find a bunch that fit your needs. Maybe you'll even get lucky and find a job. Well very soon I'll be in this position so I have planned ahead. * is the federal website for federal job postings. You can apply online but most jobs require you to send in paper with a gazillion forms. * State websites. For minnesota the site is Dept. of Employee Relations. Now there should be 50 or so of these sites on the net and each one is puting out about 1 job per week that interests me at this point. Results may vary. * This website is well known and a lot of small to medium sized businesses post jobs to this site. I also found that it is crawling with head hunters that are only looking to make a buck. They don't really seem to care about credentials but rather if you have a beating heart. Be carefull!!! There are many job search websites out there. Monster is just one of the bigger ones. I found that the job search websites are pretty annoying for the most part. Thousands of jobs are posted but many are posted hastily or generically or are really just head hunters trying to get your resume and there is really no job. My frustration with said websites have caused me to avoid more promising opportunities there of. * Top companies These guys don't post to any job search websites and they don't advertise. They don't have to. hundreds of thousands go to thier sites everyday and they have no problem pooling applicants. Though for some positions you may not think a given company can offer you a position that you seek. I have yet to fully discover all the possible companies I would be willing to work for yet but I have done some preliminary research through google and I came up with interesting results early. A search of top 10 corporations brought me to an article discussing 10 largest paper companies in the world. International paper being the first with 28.1 billion dollars in assets. Now a company this big doesn't just deal in paper anymore. They have diversified thier corp. to deal with anything and everything dealing with paper. From the land that grows the trees to recycling pickup, centers, to glue research that binds the wood fibers together as well as alternate ways of making paper. Cotton or flax for example. I am looking for a systems administrator postiion to which I am sure this company has its fair share of computers. There are hundreds of companies like international paper in each and every facet of the world. A good place to research these companies would be to go look at the different stock markets of the world. There there are some rather large private industries in the world as well. I'll write another journal entry once I have conducted more research. G'day
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Journal Journal: Today I go from poster to moderator

I got my moderation points. This is a big step in my fledgling slashdot youth. I only hope that I can utilize the system fairly and find appropriate stories to mod up. Wish me luck!
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Journal Journal: A new year 1

Ah another year. What will it bring? I certainly hope that it brings more employment opportunities for the tech sector to start with. It should be interesting and fun to any extent.
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Journal Journal: success!

It would seem that my wisdom or insight as it would be in the forums has finally noticed. I wonder if this will help me find that dream job?

Journal Journal: My first journal entry

I have struggled now, as many others most likely have, to be modded up in the discussions. I must keep going...

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