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Comment WGU (Score 1) 428

Try WGU.edu It is inexpensive, uses the same online classes as the more expensive online/physical schools, and allows you to test out of classes you may already have enough experience in that it would be moot to sit through the class. The chat & forum tools were equally bad as most other schools. But, I was able to live with them. It was the ability to take the final as soon as you thought you were ready that made it a good fit. Even if that was on day 1 of the class.

Comment Arguing the Obvious Points Carry a Great Value (Score 2, Interesting) 335

I think your assumption that arguing and presenting those obvious points carry little or no value to the overall finding of the case.

There is a certain amount of human nature to continue to agree with someone that you have already started a pattern of agreement. If you can argue the obvious points of a case and get the judge/jury to repeatedly say "you are right about point 1", "you are right about point 2", "you are right about point 3", etc. Then it is much easier for the judge/jury to continue to agree with your points on those things which carry a greater amount of ambiguity and is left to their discretion. You may need to include some psychologists with your economist and game theorists.

Comment Re:Who? (Score 1) 609

Why not use the tool MS provided to help find your favorite menu items in the 2007 version of office? Just
1> click on that "Getting Started" menu item,
2> click the "Interactive Guide" on the ribbon,
3> click the "Start the Guide" link on the web page,
4> click the "Start" button on the flash app,
5> execute the command you want in the 2003 version of the menu (I avg 3 clicks here)
6> pay close attention to where it can be found in the 2007 version of the ribbon,
7> toggle back into your office application,
8> do what you seen the flash app do in step #6 (I avg 2 clicks here)

See, it is so much easier than the old menu system to find those really advanced functions that used to be just 3 mouse clicks away. Once you get used to this routine, you are only limited by your network bandwidth to execute your advanced actions.


Submission + - Dutch raspberry Microsoft

shutslar writes: Dutch government mandates open source tools. Good article at The Register.

The Dutch government has pushed through a new open source and open standards policy which will leave Redmond with smoke coming out of its ears.

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