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Comment Can we stop? (Score 1) 342

There is not a single person, anywhere, who actually expected him to even begin to deliver on this promise. He says whatever the hell he feels like saying in the moment and has absolutely no interest whatsoever in actually doing the work of running a country--then or now.

Please stop pretending otherwise. Things are bad enough without this layer of affectation.

Comment Re:Security, NO? (Score 1) 199

And you trust that Apple appointed "Secure Enclave" to actually be secure? What if you actually want to install a 3rd party home button because you trust them more? Imagine if all your apple computers required an apple keyboard because "security and key loggers". Imagine if the home button factory is under state control and it isn't just secure, it's "homeland security" secure.

...happily, this argument is moot; if you don't trust Apple's Secure Enclave, you don't trust any other part of the device, either, and you therefore do not own one in the first place.

Comment Re:"I do not recollect" (Score 1) 409

[No, don't get me started on Trump. Please, everyone, vote 3rd party.]

Sure, great! Which third party do you prefer--the one that just dropped homeopathy from their platform this year and whose nominee flew to the wrong city today, or the one that had the Iron-Cross-tattooed candidate performing a striptease at the podium during their convention?

(The moral of the story is that third parties are a special, highly-distilled breed of terrible, but we happily give them a pass because we all know they're hopeless yutzes doomed to failure.)

Comment Re:74 at time of crash (Score 2) 623

Oh? Please tell me how a bunch of people doing the same speed creates a dangerous situation.

For the record I agree unless you're overtaking don't be in the lane.

Oh, that's an easy one.

When people who speed can't pass they get irrationally angry and start to do dangerous things, like tailgating, swerving, and suddenly accelerating/braking.

So you see, it's really your fault for making them SO DANGED ANGRY because they can't speed and pass people at that particular instant.


Comment Re:iPad Pro (Score 1) 326

I have stuff spread out all over the place. For photos, I use iCloud, because it synchronizes between my tablet, phone, and laptop.

For other documents, I usually leave them parked in the app that created them and let iOS back them up to my iCloud account. I have some of stuff parked in Dropbox.

I use a Logitech Bluetooth keyboard that syncs with three devices. I take it with me to the office each day so that I can easily switch between the MacBook Pro and the iPad Pro.

With my earlier iPads, i was using a keyboard case, but they just felt like they added too much to the tablet. I've decided that I like the separate keyboard.

Comment iPad Pro (Score 1) 326

My day-to-day computing needs are satisfied by an iPad Pro.
  • I use Pythonista for Python scripting. Pythonista is a very capable Python IDE, and I don't use even a tenth of what it can do.
  • I use Textastic for general text editing and for web app development. Textastic allows me to install web apps on the iPad's home screen, which I love. It's the closest I can come to developing and installing my own apps on the iPad.
  • I use Apple's notes app for note-taking and quick sketches. I work for a small games company, so these quick sketches are often what I start with when designing a new game. The Apple Pencil works very well.
  • For more refined sketches, I use Procreate. I also use Procreate for my personal art projects.
  • For illustration, I use Autodesk Graphic
  • I use Keynote for simple prototypes. For more complex prototypes, I'll mock up something in Textastic.
  • For spreadsheets and word processing, I prefer Pages and Numbers, but I keep Excel and Word on the device for work stuff. I also use Google's offerings for collaborative stuff with the co-workers who don't like the Microsoft stuff.
  • OminiGraffle, for doing flow charts of the apps we're working on.
  • Netflix, Amazon Video, Amazon Music, Apple's Music, Kindle, iBooks, etc., for media consumption

At the office, I use a MacBook Pro a lot, but the iPad Pro is very useful. At home, I use the iPad Pro almost exclusively. This is what works for me. Please don't tell me that the iPad can't be used for "real work". I've been using my iPads to help out with my professional work for the past six years. The iPad Pro with the Apple Pencil is the best one so far.

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