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Submission + - Google Eyes iOS Model, Patent Shield With Moto Buy (

CWmike writes: "Analysts disagreed today over the impact Google's proposed $12.5 billion acquisition of Motorola Mobility will have on the dynamics between Android and Apple's iOS. Google CEO Larry Page said the acquisition would 'supercharge the entire Android ecosystem.' To Brian White, a Wall Street analyst, Google's move smacks of an admission that it needs to mimic Apple's top-to-bottom control of the iOS platform. 'There is a trend in other parts of IT moving toward control of both the hardware and the software,' White said in an interview Monday. 'Google's move validates that model, which Apple uses. Google sees that.' What experts do agree on is that the Motorola acquisition, which will also give Google the former's huge patent portfolio, puts it in a better position to fight Apple in the courtroom. Apple has aggressively sued several Android smartphone makers. In fact, Page mentioned the patent angle in a blog entry after the acquisition was announced, in which he noted the buy would 'enable us to better protect Android from anti-competitive threats from Microsoft, Apple and other companies.' In a conference call early Monday, Google's top lawyer, David Drummond — who two weeks ago blasted rivals, among them Apple, for waging what he called a 'hostile, organized campaign against Android' using 'bogus patents' — echoed Page. Florian Muller, a German patent activist and analyst, credited the patent part of the deal for driving the acquisition price to $12.5 billion, a 63% premium over Motorola's stock price at Friday's closing. 'There's no question that the purchase price is to some degree related to Motorola Mobility's patents, but perhaps to a lesser degree than most people think,' Mueller said on his FOSS Patents blog."

Submission + - Google plus hidden features (

shungi writes: A glitch in the "Worlds longest hangout" shows what google is doing behind the scenes.

It seems that functionality from Wave is being backended into the hangouts. Its a neat trick. Will it work?

Submission + - New Features in G+ Hangouts (

shungi writes: The Youtube function on the "World Longest Hangout" on Google+ has crashed, revealing underneath what appears to be the alpha of new additions to what you can do in Hangouts.

Except they are not new, they are things we saw on Google Wave. For those of you who are keen to know what's coming next, or who want to see how Wave begat Plus, this is a must see short video.

Comment Re:Decentralized naming is hard (Score 1) 276

What is necessary is some other means of conveying trust, wether that is a web of trust, or some other out of band option.

This is what I believe we should strive for. The distributed naming system and trust system are orthogonal problems, but need to integrate in a convenient way. So, it is still a hard problem, just not in the same way.

In a way, this is what facebook does. (I know this wont be a popular opinion, and actually, I hate that I said it but it seems true).

Comment Re:Prepare for the appeals! (Score 1) 252

Not to get too technical but the High Court is the Supreme Court of Australia. It sits atop the Federal Court and the various state Supreme Courts. Each of those Courts, and the Federal Court, have appeals juristictions consisting of Banco (ie multiple) judges.

Here is part of section 71 of the Australian constitution for those who like evidence!

"The judicial power of the Commonwealth shall be vested in a Federal Supreme Court, to be called the High Court of Australia, and in such other federal courts as the Parliament creates, and in such other courts as it invests with federal jurisdiction. "

Comment direct link to judgement (Score 1) 252 link to judgement The following is from the summary - I think it is an interesting finding particularly with respect to the large damages payouts you get in those US cases: " The first step in making a finding of authorisation was to determine whether certain iiNet users infringed copyright. I have found that they have. However, in reaching that finding, I have found that the number of infringements that have occurred are significantly fewer than the number alleged by the applicants. This follows from my finding that, on the evidence and on a proper interpretation of the law, a person makes each film available online only once through the BitTorrent system and electronically transmits each film only once through that system. This excludes the possible case of a person who might repeatedly download the same file, but no evidence was presented of such unusual and unlikely circumstance. Further, I have found, on the evidence before me, that the iiNet users have made one copy of each film and have not made further copies onto physical media such as DVDs."

Comment Re:Dynamic world (Score 1) 167

The Problem is NOT balance. Life is unbalanced - the problem is the incentive scheme. If, as suggested above, there is king or ruler and you can fight to be him or her then you have incentives to build yourself up to - and people to knock you down. As there will be people clamering to get to the top, there is a fight amongst equals and the slightly more stronger until you get to the top and kill the king. Current games, based on levels or classes, the only incentive is to get better and stronger. Not to claim possesstion of some land or people or whatever.... Imagine, if, being the king, you could make laws and tax people! (so long as you have the tax collectors ready to punish those who dont pay) The possibilities are endless.

IBM Releases Open Source Machine Learning Compiler 146

sheepweevil writes "IBM just released Milepost GCC, 'the world's first open source machine learning compiler.' The compiler analyses the software and determines which code optimizations will be most effective during compilation using machine learning techniques. Experiments carried out with the compiler achieved an average 18% performance improvement. The compiler is expected to significantly reduce time-to-market of new software, because lengthy manual optimization can now be carried out by the compiler. A new code tuning website has been launched to coincide with the compiler release. The website features collaborative performance tuning and sharing of interesting optimization cases."

Submission + - MythBusters' Savage gets busted over bad AT&T ( 3

etherlad writes: "MythBusters' Adam Savage got a bill for $11,000 for "a few hours" of Web surfing while in Canada, using his AT&T USB Mercury modem. AT&T gave him a quote of a data rate "at .015 cents, or a penny and a half, per kb." Looks like AT&T didn't learn from Verizon's inability to do math. AT&T is also claiming Savage downloaded over 9 GB, which he calls "frakking impossible." Savage is leading Twitter users in a revolt."

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