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Comment Re:Punishes users and good advertisers (Score 1) 707

I don't mind google's ads - for the most part they are unobtrusive and are often helpful. Yahoo on the other hand looks like someone barfed into my browser.

The real problem is that many, many websites have incredibly obnoxious ads that degrade the user experience and interfere with the functioning of the site. That's why I use an ad blocker.

Comment Re: Getting a car repair (Score 1) 482

I just love the "buy genuine Ford/GM/Chrysler(Fiat)/Toyota/Honda parts" thing. Ford is really pushing this with ads saying you should purchase over-priced tires, batteries, headlights, oi filters, wiper blades, belts, brake pads, oil, transmission fluids, brake fluid, etc. to ensure you get "genuine" parts for your Ford. Except that Ford doesn't make any of these parts; they source them from the same OEM manufacturers are the aftermarket guys do and them mark them up twice as much. Then the dealer sticks it to you with the labour / installation fees.

You don't need a Ford "technician" to tell you what type of tires to put on your Ford - it's written in your owners manual. Some of the OEM parts are really low quality. Ford Motorcraft spark plugs for example; use NGK, Denso or Bosch - actually anything else. When I bought my Honda, the dealer had installed really soft brake pads to improve test drive stopping performance. I had scored rotors within the first 8 months (San Francisco). I now use EBC or Hawk pads. OEM batteries are not much good in cold or hot weather (I now live in Canada). Get a DieHard or Optima. Does ANYONE use OEM branded oil?

Comment Re:Shop elsewhere if you need this drug (Score 1) 372

Diaprim is now only available through a single specialty distributor rather than the normal wholesale channels. This helps support the high price and allows the distributor to control to whom and how much of the drug is dispensed. This distribution model, and the tiny market for the medication are what prevent generic manufactures from competing. This douchebag specifically targets drugs meet these criteria. After all, he's not a scientist at all, but a hedge fund manager who has made a living out of recognizing opportunities for arbitrage.

Comment Re:They're worthless. (Score 2) 213

Memorization allows you to recall information and reproduce a process or methodology without really understanding what you are doing. Learning allows you to understand the concepts and generalize and apply them to new or different situations. Our entire education system is increasingly tilted towards memorization and achievement testing. This approach is efficient to a point, but will produce students / employees who are basically functional and even productive within a certain field, but lack critical thinking and the fundamental knowledge to solve complex problems. They may also be over confident and unable to recognize when they have overreached or are presented with a problem that goes beyond their training.

I do consulting work in health care. I have a BASc an MBA and 30 years of experience. I've worked with people with technical certifications who were quite brilliant and able to understand and work and contribute at a very high level in a complex, multi-vendor environment, and others who, due to their training could not get past a certain way of looking at a problem. I've also been required by clients to work with a certified PMP even though I have successfully managed many large and complex projects or have a project manager in mind who is much more suited for the job.

In the end, I wouldn't hire or reject a candidate because of a certification or lack thereof.

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