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The Internet

Submission + - Google Loses Gmail Court Case in Germany (

ReadWriteWeb writes: "German courts have confirmed that Google's fight for the G-mail trademark has been lost. 33-year old German businessman Daniel Giersch has won a case against Google, meaning that Google is not permitted to use the "Gmail" name in Germany. Giersch had registered 'G-mail' in 2000, four years before Google came out with its web mail service of the same name.

This is the second time that Google has had to give up the Gmail name — two years ago Google handed over the rights to the name in the UK. Indeed Google is having trouble holding onto the Gmail name in Europe as a whole. Again Giersch is at the center of it, as he also won in Austria and claims to own the name in Spain, Portugal and Switzerland. Meanwhile in Poland, the Gmail name is owned by a polish group of poets."


Submission + - UK - 'Extreme' porn proposals spark row

An anonymous reader writes: The BBC reports on the row over proposals by the UK Government to criminalise possession of "extreme" porn. The bill, published last week, would include fictional depictions of violence and images of acts between consenting adults. The law would also apply to screenshots taken from a legal film, if the screenshot was made for erotic purposes. Backlash opposes the law.

The bill follows from plans initially announced last August.

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