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Comment Re: "...continue to be utilized by a small..." (Score 1) 168

You're right. For me this has involved ejecting many regulars who take on an air of self importance - that the community would not survive without them. But guess what - it does and a regular ejection of a bully just makes things better for everyone and several more members rise - an a couple of them go down the route of ejection.

Comment Re: "...continue to be utilized by a small..." (Score 1) 168

We try so hard on our communities to prevent this sort of behaviour - which usually spills over from places like Facebook and Reddit. Tough moderation then turns into complaints about freedom of speech. (Yes, I know your reply has been moderated as 'funny' - but this is so true! Civil online spaces are disappearing.)

Anyways, this could be an opportunity to develop a new-ish community. Yep, I never give up on this shit despite everyone telling me that communities are dead, long live facebook / reddit. :(

Comment Re: Programming (Score 2) 616

Hate to say this, but NO, NO and a big NO.

Designers yes - web designers NO.

A good web designer needs some fundamental architecture skills that are derived from math or science classes which teach you how to break down a problem into smaller bits, which bits to solve first and some fundamental boolean logic.

A good web designer is not someone who throws in bootstrap, jquery and some pretty shit on a website. He/She understand how to break down the HTML/JS/CSS into smaller meaningful bits, how to include these bits depending on where and when they're needed. They understand how benchmarking goes (how long does it take a web server to respond, if the stack is sending a 1MB response from Alaska to Brisbane ..).

I could go on and on about how much I've started to HATE people who copy paste shit, buy a theme, tweak a few colors, find some jquery snippets and animate a headline and go on to call themselves web designers.

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