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Comment Re:Linux FS rocks (Score 1) 166

I have quite a few Solaris systems plugged into a SAN and I've never seen ZFS automatically grow to fill a LUN I've expanded at the SAN. There are numerous threads and complaints about this on the sun.com forums. Now, it does automatically resize itself if you create another LUN and assign it to the zpool... if that's what you're talking about.

Comment Re:So how'd you solve it? (Score 2, Informative) 261

61C on a video card isn't much to worry about. Using RivaTuner I used to watch an 8800gts creep up to 90C and it never died. Unfortunately, taking comfort in knowing your video cards won't get cooked isn't very useful when you're worried about the other nearby devices. For what it's worth my old temps were in an antec sonataII case. When I switched over to the antec 900 my 8800gts temps dropped to the 55-60C range. Maybe a new case is the aftermarket part you're looking for?

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