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Hardware Hacking

Any Open Source Solutions For DIY Auto Diagnostics? 270

slaxx writes "As an avid tinkerer, I really want to collect as much data about my car as possible. Using On-Board Diagnostics (OBDII) sounded great to me, but the pricetags of systems like AutoTap Scanner are a bit much for my college budget to handle. Are there any free, open source solutions available? What do Slashdotters do to tinker and record the inner workings of their own vehicles?"

Comment Re:Sorry, lady. Incitement to violence is a crime (Score 1) 847

And just because you shouldn't do something, doesn't mean you should be punished for doing it. If something is legal and allowed i should be able to do it no matter how off color it may be. That was the whole point of enumerating our rights and not letting the government trample them. You also have a slight misconception about rights. Society does not give me my rights. They are ingrained in me just by the fact that i exist. Therefore i do no hold any responsibility to society in general. In fact society tries to remove those rights from me. Therefore i have a responsibility to fight society to regain those rights which have been stolen from me.
Hardware Hacking

Suggestions For Learning FPGA Development At Home? 185

Doug writes "I've recently been inspired to take up amateur electronics, specifically with FPGAs. I have an understanding of the basics, plus a solid programming background. From my research so far I've concluded that I should start with a simple FPGA development board and a couple of books on Verilog and/or VHDL and go from there. I found this Ask Slashdot discussion on Verilog vs VHDL very useful, but it focuses more on the development language rather than hardware. I'd be very interested in hearing peoples' recommendations for an entry-level kit that is simple, flexible, and affordable (sub-£200), and preferably Linux-friendly, and indeed any other wise words that experienced FPGA developers (professional or amateur) might have for a novice just starting out in the world of circuit design."

Comment Re:"Surprisingly?" (Score 1) 500

"The court is just there to interpret laws, and activist rulings undermine democracy." I guess it depends on what country you are in. The US has something called "Jury Nullification" and it is one of the fundamentals that make real democracy work. (The judicial system does not like telling you about it though.)

Comment Re:Summary of answer: (Score 1) 740

....ettled; he said that. This is not about simple murder, kidnapping, etc, this is about laws which are changinga ll the time, as fast as the *AA can push their c....

The saddest part is that people seem to take this copyright law and elevate it to pedestals yet unseen. Most people are more feverish about copyright than murder (which is a problem in it's own right).

Murder has a definite ethical impact on most people and so does copyright. We don't consider murder to be a controversial issue because we know what it is and that it is ethically wrong. Likewise most people know how they feel about their property and copyright and feel ethically correct about their decision.

It is a simple issue, not a complicated one. The only complication here are greedy corporations.

I'm sure if they could find a way to profit on murder the way they profit on music, we would see MIAA (Murder Industry Association of America) preaching that some serial killer infringed on their IP of stabbing someone. It's ridiculous and insane and i can't believe that people have put up with this crap for as long as they have.
It's funny.  Laugh.

Journal Journal: Mod Points and April Fools?

Well Slashdot has decided to award me my first ever Mod points today. On April Fools. Ha Ha Ha... Ha... *sigh*

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