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Comment Re:Major extension to TCP? (Score 5, Interesting) 172

You're right but consider this scenario. You're at a coffee shop that offers wifi and you also have mobile network. You're streaming something to your phone which naturally prefers the wifi network. You get up and walk away and lose wifi. The TCP connection is lost, even though you have a perfectly good moble network also available. The TCP connection needs to be reestablished.

With multipath TCP in the same scenario your phone would have the option of setting up two TCP connections, one over each network. It would present a single socket to the streaming application (who is none the wiser). The multipath TCP socket sends packets over both networks (using whatever spread it feels appropriate). When you walk out of the coffee shop and lose the wifi the multipath TCP socket would stop using the dead network and only use the good network (mobile in this case). No loss in connection.

Comment Re:Major extension to TCP? (Score 1) 172

multipath TCP doesn't really have anything to do with message routing. It's just an extension that allows multiple TCP connections to be bound together but presented to the application layer as a single socket. One use case would be where you're sitting at a coffee shop streaming over wifi and you walk away and lose the connection because you walk out of range of the wifi network and break your TCP connection. With multipath TCP you'd have established a connection over both wifi and mobile networks to support that connection. When the wifi drops out the everything will just go over the mobile network and your TCP connection is never lost.

Comment Re:Real-work problem? (Score 2) 143

Hang on there. Why are you using your talents on a project that may save 1000s when you could be working in vaccination projects that could save 10s of 1000s? Wait! Forget that. You and those time wasting vaccination workers should be focused on biotechnology that could create crops to feed millions world wide!

Hold it! Scratch that. Global warming will end up destroying the entire planet. Get those lay-about biotech-crop workers on that!

Wait! Heat death of the universe. Only billions of years away and effects EVERYTHING. Stop wasting time on trivial projects and solve the most important problem in the universe! /thread

Comment Re:it contradicts the definition (Score 1) 209

I agree, there are free tools that do this. Some are pretty good (cppcheck). I'm not going to pimp for Coverity (or other $$ products) but I will say that they offer features over and above what the free stuff does. They also have a pretty high cost. A few of the features are actually very nice additional analysis that I haven't found in free stuff. The majority of the stuff offered by commercial products are based around integration into a large multi-developer environment and defect tracking processes. As always, you (or your organization) needs to figure out the cost vs benefit before committing to any (free or $$) tool.

Comment Re:it contradicts the definition (Score 1) 209

That's fine if it's expected (and you can tell your SA tool that it's expected so it's not flagged). Unreachable code that's not expected is a maintenance issue at best and and in many cases indicates a software defect. At the very least wouldn't you want to be made aware that your unreachable code?

Comment Re:it contradicts the definition (Score 2) 209

Coverity performs "Static Analysis". Static analysis is a well respected technique in the industry and can find classes of software defects that are typically difficult to find through code inspection and testing.

Specifically it can analyze entire call chains and find access to null or un-initialized variables. Compilers typically only do this within a single compilation unit (i.e. a file) while an SA tool like Coverity will do it over an entire call chain over multiple files.

Other classes of defects that SA will find:
- Memory leaks or double frees
- variables passed out of range
- unreachable code
- Buffer overruns (BUFFER OVERRUNS!)
- Sign issues

It can be very painful to start using SA late in your project development. Getting a clean SA run is a major pain since you've probably got tons of little errors. Once you have a clean run (or if you start with SA analysis) keeping it clean saves you major headaches (and keeps your code reviews a little less frustrating)

Comment For coding I love my 90 degree tilt widescreen (Score 1) 375

When they finally bought me a second monitor at work it was a widescreen format. That didn't work all that well with the existing 4x5 aspect ratio. So I took my new monitor and turned it 90 deg. Thankfully the mount supported this. So now I have my original monitor for general web/mail and my new monitor is where the coding gets done. Having a monitor that has 50% more vertical real estate is awesome for working on code and documents.

Comment Pie of course (Score 3, Insightful) 196

When I got home yesterday my daughter asked me "Will you help me make pumpkin pie if I go get the stuff for it?" I said "sure" because opportunities to hang out with my daughter are rare to be sure. So we're making pumpkin pie, well she is, I'm just there for moral support I guess.

I ask "So what is the pie for?"
She says "Tomorrow is pi day so I'm bringing pie to school"
I say "Oh, cool"

Inside I'm thinking "How the fuck did I get shit this right?"

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