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Comment Re:VTOL planes a/k/a Widowmakers (Score 2) 135

I'm aware of issues with the Osprey, but I'm not so sure you can tar the Harrier with the same brush. Yes. that aircraft has been responsible for a number of deaths, but the casualties weren't in the Harriers - they were in the other (e.g. Argentine) planes that the Harriers were shooting at.

Comment Who's in control? (Score 0) 192

I thought that self-driving cars still had to have a "driver" in them, ready to take control in the event of of an incident. Are these Uber cars going to come with an Uber "driver", or is the passenger expected to take over when* that incident happens?

What if that passenger does not hold a licence, or is not fit to drive through intoxication? Does the passenger get some sort of discount because they might be expected to step in and do a bit of driving?

* note 'when', not 'if'

Comment Re: Taxes = theft (Score 1) 579

I'll be honest, I don't know the OP...but I can't believe that they do not benefit from any tax-funded services. POlice has been talked about extensively earlier in this thread, but I can think of plenty of other examples...

- Education system (although, given the stupidity of the "no taxes" remark, I suspect any journey through the education system was not entirely successful)

- Fire and rescue services (may not have used them, but I bet that if their house started burning down, they'd be wanting a big tax-funded fire truck to come to the rescue

- Healthcare? Not sure about this one, on the assumption OP is in the USA. As a Brit I've never really understood what, if any, of USA healthcare is government-funded.)

- Public transportation. Has the OP never used some form of public transport which receives some form of government subsidy

- Weather forecast? Again, not sure abut how it works in OP's territory, but here in UK weather forecast data is supplied to media, etc. by a government- (i.e. taxation-) funded agency

There are other examples, but that's all I can be bothered to type right now - I'm meant to be working, earning money with which to pay my fair share of taxes.

Comment Re:A little dubious. (Score 1) 230

Last time I got glasses I was offered the "blue blocker" coating, but given how much extra they wanted to charge for it versus perceived benefit, I decided not to bother. A few weeks later I saw a story in the news that opticians were being told that they could no longer sell this coating on the strength of the "benefits" they were quoting, as they were judged to generally be bunk.

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