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Comment Re:Numbers (Score 1) 575

From the BBC News website...

Can an airline really treat passengers like this? - by Simon Calder, travel correspondent for the Independent

Yes. The captain is in charge of the aircraft. And if he or she decides that someone needs to be offloaded, that command has to be obeyed. From the moment that the unfortunate individual in this case said, "I'm staying put", he became a disruptive passenger.

From that moment he was disobeying the captain's command. Officials were legally entitled to remove him, and as the videos show, he was dragged from the plane. It appears from the evidence that the law was broken - by him, not by the airline. But I would be surprised if United pressed charges.

Comment Re:Numbers (Score 2) 575

I don;t think he has the basis to sue. Once onboard an aircraft, the captain is in charge. He issued an instruction for that passenger to leave - the passenger disobeyed that order, so was at fault. Regardless of how s****y it may be for the airline to bump him from the flight, or the circumstances in which it happened, the passenger was guilty of failing to comply with the captain's instruction.

I imagine he could sue the airline for the way that the situation was handled, but the airline could equally well go after him because of his behaviour.

Comment Re: "visible in small optical telescopes" (Score 1) 44

I always cringe when I hear people claiming they saw a planet or a meteor.

Why? A number of planets are often quite clearly visible in the night sky. Likewise, it's not unusual to see meteors/shooting stars/whatever you want to call them, especially during 'storm' periods like Leonids, Perseids, etc.

Comment Re:Accuracy? Quality weaponry? (Score 1) 755

One in the middle of a runway won't necessarily disable the site for long, as a single crater is repairable in a reasonable amount of time. A runway that's been peppered with ordnance to the point where it resembles a teenager's face is much more definitely out of action for an appreciable period of time.

That said, I also though that using as many as 59 missiles, especially at over £1.5M a shot, seemed a bit over-the-top.

Comment Re:Sigh (Score 4, Interesting) 46

"standard spotify user" = non-paying user

"premium spotify user" = paying user

Unless a standard user decides they like the service and want to pay for premium membership, then they are basically just an overhead to Spotify, If they are so reluctant to pay anything that they'll go elsewhere, then that is largely a good thing for Spotify, as it's one fewer freeloader to support

Comment Re:Why would you? (Score 1) 143


My old Samsung worked fine when I got it, and over its lifetime suffered two noticeable degradations in reliability - each coinciding with an automatic update of the OS. Each update left more device features unreliable or completely borked.

New (also Android) phone works fine for now. Need to find a way to turn off automatic updates before it ends up going the same way.

Comment Re: Let's do it... (Score 1) 211

Here is the truth... If we do not get off this rock and escape this gravity well then the entire species is doomed.

...being doomed is probably no more or less than we deserve. To believe that we're the absolute pinnacle of evolution and deserve to last for ever is sheer arrogance. In the overall scheme of things we're just like the dinosaurs - dominant and influential, but ultimately just another note on the planet's timeline.

I just hope we get wiped out before we have the opportunity to head to another planet and start wrecking that one as well

Comment Re:Makes Sense (Score 1) 54

Moto's implementation sounds better to me. .

Moto's implementation is western, but the Huawei approach doesn't carry any real eastern or western bias. Swiping left to go back (or right to go forward) only really makes sense in a culture where people read from left to right - to someone who naturally reads right-to-left, a left-swipe would suggest a 'go forward' action

Comment Re:the real question (Score 1) 301

I was thinking something along the same lines...not "would you...?" but "do you really need to....?"

You can be all protectionist about your personal data to the point that you'd rather nuke it on the phone than let a government official see it, but that throws up other issues. Once it's gone, it's gone, so how do you convince someone that you just deleted a load of personal photos that you're very protective of, and not some horrible and incriminating terror-related material?

Comment first (Score 0, Flamebait) 382

Too much gets said about how great electrically powered vehicles are, but they're only zero emission at point o suse. Not enough gets said about where the electricity to charge those batteries comes from - unless it's wind/solar/wave, then it's actually quite a lot of emissions in the overall system.

Comment Benefits (Score 1) 197

Stuff I've gotten from conferences I've attended over the last few years (in no particular order) - Learned stuff from good quality presenters - Learned how to do good presentation using PowerPoint, instead of usual Death By PPT (the speakers/experts at the conferences I've gone to have been very good both technically and as presenters) - Picked up a few shiny things from trade stands alongside the main conference - Free beer and food at post conference networking sessions - Chance to travel to new places, and try to fit in a bit of exploration I don't think you'll ever go to a conference where every last minute is of value to you, but there should be some things that you can take away and get benefit from after the conference. The big challenge is trying to express that with some form of tangibleness so that you can persuade your boss to pay for your fees, travel, accommodation, etc.

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