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Comment Re:A little dubious. (Score 1) 230

Last time I got glasses I was offered the "blue blocker" coating, but given how much extra they wanted to charge for it versus perceived benefit, I decided not to bother. A few weeks later I saw a story in the news that opticians were being told that they could no longer sell this coating on the strength of the "benefits" they were quoting, as they were judged to generally be bunk.

Comment Re:How do you know if a guy doesn't have a TV? (Score 1) 188

Sounds familiar. A few years ago I moved house and didn't take my TV with me. I never really missed it, but it made me realise how many conversations I had which were about TV. Started lose count of the number of times somebody said to me "Hey, last night did you see...err....oh, never mind...."

Comment Re:I'm curious... (Score 3, Insightful) 155

Assuming you want to use Facebook Messenger, why wouldn't you want to just use the app? I can certainly understand not wanting to use Facebook Messenger (or not wanting to use Facebook at all), but why a strong preference for using messenger through a mobile browser?

When you install the app onto your phone, you grant it certain rights, like access to your address book. Just accessing the FB mobile site through a browser stops FB from getting access to stuff you might not want them to have access to.

I remember a case a few years ago when the FB allocated FB-specific email addresses to its users. The app would actually scan through the contacts list on your phone and if it recognised the email address of one of your contacts as being another FB user it would *automatically and silently* change the email details on your phone's contacts database to use the new FB-assigned address.

Comment I seem to have avoided this on my Windows boxen (Score 1) 664

Pretty much the first thing I do when I get a new Windows PC is disable Windows updates.

If I learn about a specific update that figure I need, I'll install that manually (pretty rare TBH). PC sits behind plenty of firewallage alongside other trusted machines.

So far this has worked fine for me, while I have seen friends get their machines crippled by BSODs or endless reboot cycles because of some faulty Windows update that has installed automatically.

Comment Re:Nothing short of Disturbing (Score 1) 167

The sad thing is, this sort of thing has become the norm. A while ago, I stumbled on a feature in the Google Maps app on my Android phone, whereby it had a record/track-log of everywhere I've been.

My first thought was "hmm..that's interesting", rather than "err..that's creepy" - like I'm almost expecting apps to be snaffling my data

Comment Re:Well yes duh (Score 1) 279

Well, it's not like youtube isn't monetized in other ways. Ask the people getting money FROM youtube for the views on their videos.

What are these "other ways"?. The only mechanism I have for getting revenue from YouTube in return for them hosting my videos and serving them up to people is a cut of the advertising revenue?

Comment Re:I feel safer (Score 1) 194

I kind of has some experience of this, in a different theatre. Many years ago I worked in Belfast for a while (early 90s, during The Troubles). I noticed that there were often helicopters hovering around over the city centre and commented on this to a local guy that I was working with. He explained that they were basically military (or, at least, military-flown) helicopters on eavesdropping missions - flying over the city with ultra-sensitive listening kit, gathering intelligence from conversations going on between individuals.

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