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Brazilian Pirates Hijack US Military Satellites 359

blantonl writes "Brazilians all over the country are using modified amateur radio equipment to communicate with each other using US Military communications satellites — effectively creating their own CB radio network on the backs of the US Military. Recent efforts to crack down have resulted in arrests of some of the users, however the behavior still continues today."

Submission + - Flowers For Algernon

Baldrson writes: "Drug Researcher reports that Algernon lives: ''...[R]esearchers ... have conditionally knocked out a specific gene to prevent an enzyme called cyclin-dependent kinase 5 (Cdk5) from being produced, but only in the brain. This led to the mice becoming more adept at learning and also able to more quickly decipher environmental changes...."It's pretty rare that you make mice 'smarter,' so there are a lot of cognitive implications," said Dr Bibb. "Everything is more meaningful to these mice," he said. "The increase in sensitivity to their surroundings seems to have made them smarter." ''

The mice did have a more difficult adolescence than the "normal" mice, who bit them and pushed them off the wheel when the researcher wasn't looking."

Submission + - World's smallest hardware firewall?

An anonymous reader writes: An Israeli startup has squeezed a complete hardware firewall into a USB key. The "Yoggie Pico" from Yoggie Systems runs Linux 2.6 along with 13 security applications on a 520MHz PXA270, a powerful Intel processor typically used in high-end smartphones. The Pico works in conjunction with Windows XP or Vista drivers that hijack traffic at network layers 2-3, below the TCP/IP stack, and route it to USB, where the Yoggie analyzes and filters traffic at close-to-100Mbps wireline speeds. The device will hit big-box retailers in the U.S. this month.

Submission + - New phishing technique fools IE7 & Norton

enharmonix writes: "The Register is reporting on a strange new phishing technique that is able to fool IE7's phishing filter and Norton 360. Spoofed sites include PayPal, eBay, HSBC and others. The sites are confirmed to be fraudulent but are cleared by both security tools. The exploit seems to be specific to Internet Explorer (FireFox just goes straight to the correct site). Roger Thompson of Exploit Prevention labs believes users may have an html injector that communicates directly with IE and modifies the HTML of legitimate websites."

Submission + - Top 10 reasons Microsoft loves/hates open souce

coondoggie writes: "Over the years, Microsoft has had some pretty harsh words (and actions) for the open source community in general and for Linux in particular. And with news this week that the company reportedly wants open source software users to pay royalties on 235 alleged patent violations, the relationship is obviously changing. We take a look at five ways Microsoft is embracing open source or Linux and five ways it is doing to battle against those same forces. sft-open-source.html"
Input Devices

Submission + - Fascinating multi-touch lecture at UW (video)

avocade writes: "A quite recent and very intriguing presentation by Andy Wilson from Microsoft (yes, they do still have very clever people still working there!) on his research into Multi-touch computer interaction. Jeff Han's presentation from TED 2006 and this one are both great introductions to stuff that's in the lab now but very soon coming to market. =10349&fID=2318"

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