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Submission + - open source courses

shnull writes: "A question, and i don't know if it has been posed before... I was thinking about submitting this to google but then again, who am i and even if... i don't want to run that project anyway... What if you are able to get all kind of teachers round the world together to work together to make some kind of open source for courses ... I don't even know if what i say is accurate enough, but maybe it gets through, and anyway, if anyone gets an idea out of this that makes the world better...this is an open source idea so go ahead ... will probably get rejected anyway..."

Submission + - Pentagon Researcher Unveils Warcraft Terror Plot ( 1

shnull writes: "The American military and intelligence communities are increasingly worried that would-be bin Ladens might gather in a virtual world, to plan a real-life attack. But the spies haven't given many details, about how it might be done. Now, a Pentagon researcher has laid out how such a terror plot might unfold. The planning ground is World of Warcraft. The main target of this possibly nuclear strike: the White House. Where does the 911-paranoia end ?"

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