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Comment Re:I'm not going to make the tablet mistake again. (Score 2, Insightful) 255

I was lucky enough to grab an HP Touchpad during the fire sale for only $99. I'll be honest in that for the first few months I owned it I rarely used it. The only reason I use it regularly now is that my laptop won't even boot anymore and I don't have the money to replace it.

As a grad student, it works alright for basic note taking, e-books, browsing the web and the like, and I really like the fact that it is so portable given the battery life and miniscule weight. If you grab a bluetooth mouse and keyboard, you actually can get a pretty nice set-up going for basic functionality. However, I've noticed that my productivity for anything more in depth than what's described above has completely tanked. Sure, you can edit documents and store them in Dropbox for later, but you still have to go back and edit them on an actual computer to apply advanced styles or fix anything the tablet corrupted. You can't view applications side by side and must continually switch between them. Furthermore, some apps are just non-existent. I'd love to see some apps that could actually compile code. The only one I've seen do this successfully is AIDE for Android, which is catered towards actual Android development. I have yet to see just a basic C/Java/Python compiler for command line style programs, but the fact is the tablet is just not designed for that kind of work.

While I get a lot of use from my tablet now, basically because I have no other choice for this semester, I will be buying a laptop to do my main work. I'll keep the tablet as an e-reader.

Comment Re:Balance the benefits. (Score 1) 569

This is not only spread by being promiscuous. I know of at least two couples where both of the partners where each other only sex partner (ONLY partner, not only at the time), where the woman contracted HPV. One of them developed cervical cancer as a result and had to have part of her cervix removed, and is not advised against ever having children. If she were to ever do so, it would be considered a high-risk pregnancy through the full term. I would much rather give my children a small infection then to have that happen to one of them, or whoever they are with, regardless of if it is promiscuous or not.

Comment Re:Balance the benefits. (Score 1) 569

That's the biggest problem I have with any opposition to any sexually-transmitted disease vaccination. It's like the parents think their children are suddenly NOT going to have sex since they could get something, which is not true regardless of your upbringing. I would MUCH rather my child be safe, just in case, rather than take the chance they might get something, which is also the exact same philosophy my parents used.

Comment Re:Darn kids these days (Score 1) 247

I think that Sony would disagree with you there. I doubt that the total value of your stolen cars and jewellery would add up to anywhere near what Sony has lost due to its recent hacks.

Perhaps, if Sony had actually done it's job and had some decent security, they wouldn't have lost anything.

That's like a dealership leaving all the keys in their cars with the front gate unlocked. You just EXPECT it all to get stolen.

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