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Submission + - Poll shows 39% of Americans believe in evolution

shma writes: Results from a poll by Gallup asking Americans whether or not they believed in the theory of evolution show that only 39% of the country believes in evolution. One in four Americans said they did not believe in evolution, and 36% said they had no opinion either way. The way an individual answered was strongly dependant on education level and church attendance.

Submission + - Update for previous story

shma writes: This is an update for the story Dodd, Feingold To Try and Filibuster Immunity Bill .

UPDATE: The vote was delayed due to unresolved business over a separate bill (H.R.3221), but went ahead at around 6pm. The cloture motion passed with 80 senators approving and only 15 dissenters. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has expressed his desire to hold a vote on the bill before the July 4th holiday. Without strong opposition, the bill itself is expected to pass the senate by Thursday night.

Submission + - Dodd, Feingold to try and filibuster immunity bill

shma writes: Wednesday morning the senate has a scheduled cloture vote to cut off debate on the FISA bill which grants retroactive immunity to telecoms who engaged in warrantless wiretapping. Senators Russ Feingold and Christopher Dodd have pledged to try and filibuster the bill, but require the vote of 40 senators to keep the filibuster alive. The article states that a similar "threatened filibuster failed in February, when the Senate passed a measure that granted amnesty and largely legalized the President's secret warrantless wiretapping programs." Should they lose the cloture vote, the bill is all but assured of passing. A proposed amendment stripping the immunity provision from the bill is also expected to fail.

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