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Comment Save game systems (Score 1) 507

I don't get why they have a checkpoint system, its totally useless to me. Since im used to games like Half-Life and any other game you simply hit F5 or F6 to save your exact spot. Games like Mass Effect on 360 have save game manually still (through hitting pause) but sooo many games now only save your checkpoint, they don't save your exact location after battling a horse of monsters/enemy's and having 10life left. If you save after some chaotic moment and the checkpoint/save spot is through even more chaos, you absolutely cannot save where you desire. I hate redoing things ive already done in a game (Call of Duty 3, 4, 5 are good at this annoyance) I would still prefer to be able to hit start and SAVE my EXACT location with my ammo and life bar where they are at. So when i die i dont have to redo some stupid fight with 100 soldiers poking their heads out of a trench tossing grenades at me.

Comment Re:I bought an elite about 6 months ago. (Score 1) 583

A lot seem angered and frustrated by the fact that they cannot move their 360 while its on with a disc in the drive. I don't understand, what's their "need" to move it around while its on? I have both a ps3 and 360, they have not moved an inch from their spot since i purchased and set them up on my television stand, why? because i see no reason to move them...logically speaking of course, but some people lack this simple logic and i /point and /laugh at them.

Comment Re:Suprised? (Score 1) 583

Honestly if you scratch a disc by moving the console while its running, spinning the disc, then your truly a moron to the highest degree. Unless your obsessive compulsive and cannot keep your 360 in 1 position for more than a minute, then your still a moron.

Comment Re:Duplicity: theres already a "utility parition" (Score 1) 332

There's no pausing, or scenery pop-up's anymore, it plays EXACTLY like the ps3 version does, the initial loading of the game when you start it up is the same no matter what system or drive its played from, that's just the intro. Its just those black screens that say "loading" that are reduced by several seconds, can expect more improvements as they roll out patches for the games to optimize them for this feature.

Comment Re:I love it but feel stupid for doing so (Score 1) 332

-Haven't fixed the glaring file management bugs - it's not possible to do something like, say, delete 150 old Oblivion saves to reclaim disk space while keeping 5 of them without pressing 4 buttons for each individual savegame. Not a problem until you realize they're over a megabyte apiece, and on a 20gb hard disk this adds up fast.

This is why you make 4 save games and just keep overwriting them instead of making a new one everything, a habit Ive gotten into since Ive started playing games, i never have more than 3-4 save games which i just overwrite in a certain order. There's no need at all to have more than 5 saves for whatever reason.


Submission + - DARPA funding real Star Wars AT-AT walkers (

machinehead39 writes: Here's a cool video. Boston Dynamics received funding from DARPA to develop what looks like a real Empire Strikes Back AT-AT walker. At first glance this small prototype looks fake, but keep watching. It's almost spooky. You feel bad for it it when the guy gives it a kick. It'll be interesting to see what the military uses these robots for. This thing's too cool not to be developed all the way.

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