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Comment Re:Shai is a modern hero (Score 2, Insightful) 369

1) It will reduce my quality of life if I am forced to subsidize some stupid shared battery scheme. So that 10 years from now we can fret about our dependence on imported lithium or whatever. The scheme is unworkable on so many levels it's not even worth commenting on, but the main thing is that it would be a complete reworking of a system based on immature technology which will certainly go obsolete. EVs with onboard backup are a much better way to utilize alternative energy for transportation. 2) Eliminate? when? at what cost? 3) Dream on. This is just silly. A complete change to EVs will make the grid more reliable? ha ha ha ha. Yup you really really really really get it! I fact you GROK it my man! 4) whose money? 5) give me a break. sadly, you have been brainwashed. Now the idea might work great for a flat, warm, densely populated area where everyone drives a toyota, like Israel(?), but not where I live and not with my money.

Comment Re:Good Game, "old media", it was mediocre... (Score 1) 193

I must be doing something wrong - when I try to search I can only search one city at a time. I live in a sparsely populated state with a half dozen regions, and I'd like to search them all when I'm looking for something. I can't see how to do that, short of elaborate google queries, which reduces craiglist to an idle-time waster vs. a real tool to find something, for me.

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