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Submission + - Apple Upgrades Line of MacBooks

martinelli writes: "The Apple rumors that surfaced in the last week turned out to be true. Apple pumped up the specs in all of their MacBooks — larger hard drives, more memory, and faster processors."
The Internet

Submission + - Political awareness raised by 40.000 blowjobs

Anonymous Coward writes: "Our campaign which addresses false promises made by politicians has reached millions of people worldwide and is currently the most discussed topic on the internet ( http://www.nee-antwerpen.be/index-eng.htm ). Over the course of two days more than 100.000 people have signed up for the initiative. At this moment our website is the most visited political site in the world. Our modest homepage http://www.nee-antwerpen.be/ receives twice as many visitors as whitehouse.gov and ten times as many as England's labour party website (statistics available on http://www.alexa.com/ ).With this humoristic campaign we bring politics closer to the people worldwide.

NEE is an impartial protest movement running for senate in the Belgian elections of June 10th 2007.

NEE works around political awareness and offers voters in Belgium the option to vote 'no' if they find that none of the parties deserve their vote. NEE-votes would simply create empty seats in parliament, resulting in a loss of income and power for the other parties and giving the voters the power to sanction politicians if needed.

This concept has never before been implemented in any political system worldwide and with this stunt it is now being debated internationally.

Tania Derveaux

e-mail: info@nee-antwerpen.be
tel. Tania: +32 (0) 495 48 84 35"

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