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Comment Re:Riddle me this Batman (Score 1) 504

It's like this Mr. Waylon Jones: this minimal information is pretty easy to get without access to your phone. You are almost certainly carrying a driver's license, with your name and address on it. You can probably be traced using your auto's license plate and registration. Police and other emergency services have easy access to unlisted phone numbers... and so on

Comment Re:Will OpenBSD switch to Systemd? (Score 1) 290

Recently both Debian and Ubuntu decided to make the switch to Systemd. With more and more distros switching to Systemd, will OpenBSD do the same?

Systemd's license is incompatible with OpenBSD, thus it would need to be rewritten from scratch (and it would probably refactored too). For systemd to appear in OpenBSD there needs to be a benefit to OpenBSD... not simply convenience for people moving from Linux. This is how pf was born: IPFilter was removed from OpenBSD due to concerns about its license and the pf developers refactored IPFilter's baroque rules syntax for simplicity and consistency.

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