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Comment Re: Plenty of examples to go by (Score 1) 230

Yes, true. My iot things talk with my own OpenHAB installation and therefore I do not have that issue. But a generic out of the box behaviour on most of the iot stuff is to phone home as it simply cannot be connected by an app in your phone without forwarding ports etc (which is beyond a normal user's abilities).

TFA is a a question by a person who has no idea how ip networks and client/server/app communication works.

My only point was that we do not need a special IOT isolating appliance, this can all be done with standard firewalls built in most wifi or broadband routers.

Comment Re: Plenty of examples to go by (Score 1) 230

This does not need a special product. Any firewall will do, even a random consumer wifi router that has customizable firewall rules.
a) assign iot devices certain ip addresses
b) block all outgoing traffic from these

I have it done in a bit of more advanced way (VLANs), but thats not strictly necessary.

Comment Re: Tesla's Autopilot is in the "uncanny valley" (Score 1) 440

It seems to be solved quite well on my 2014 Honda:
- qruise control keeps the speed, but lowers it if there is a car in front and keeps a configurale distance by automatically accelerating and decelerating (and braking if needed). It uses radar as opposed to Tesla's camera-only solution which is vulnerable to blinding low sunlight (which seems to be a possible culprit in this case).
- lane guidance steers to keep the car in lane if i switch it on. But if I let go of the wheel, it will soon give an audible and visual warning and soon disable itself.

This for me is unintrusive enough to use on a highway, yet it is strictly "driver assist" not self-driving, so I will not lose focus.

Comment Re: Tesla's Autopilot is in the "uncanny valley" (Score 1) 440

What do you mean "off the map"? There will be no such places.

Also - it is my understanding that most of the selfdriving car development is based on cameras - therefore a selfdriving car can continue on unmapped territories as well as with missing gps just as good as a human driver - using visual cues. If you need to give it instructions how to get to point b, you poke with a finger on a map or an arial photo on the screen and leave the immediate obstacles to the automation.

But all that aside - i mainly meant that the wheel is useless in an emergency situation.

Comment Re: Tesla's Autopilot is in the "uncanny valley" (Score 1) 440

I remember a quote from google selfdriving car team that there is no point in having a steering wheel in a self driving car, because the "driver" would never be able to take over in time to avoid any danger. Which makes sense. We should not switch to automated driving before we are ready to surrender all control.

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