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Comment Antidepressant trials (Score 1) 349

Perhaps participants in antidepressant trials are just happier to be part of something constructive. Perhaps the more isolated and fragmented a society we become, the more positive the reaction subjects have to being among others and given so much attention?

Comment Re:Misleading Summary (Score 1) 360

I called T-Mobile up when they did this and asked for "the block" to be removed, without mentioning a specific site at all, and they did it. They were blocking gambling sites too so any list I'm on will not be incriminating. It's basically a parental filter that's enabled by default, that's all. Slashdot should start a shop with branded tinfoil hats. They'd make a fortune.

Comment Re:Am I being naÃve? (Score 3, Interesting) 281

I would much rather they got their kicks jerking off to CP, than taking it out on a child... This just delegates your child abuse to the person producing the videos. You'd have to be pretty utilitarian to suggest that forcing a small number of children to be abused on camera is better than a larger number being abused in private.

Submission + - SPAM: Home Soundproofing 1

shinier writes: "I live in a large, shared house of geeks and we're considering setting aside a small room for communal servers. The problem is the noise could easily spread to one or two bedrooms so we want to play with soundproofing the whole room. Web searches on soundproofing point to commercial sites but I would prefer an impartial opinion. Does sound reduction require special materials and consultants or can anyone recommend a DIY solution?"

Comment Re:Free speech (Score 2, Interesting) 377

If you don't like any of the available parties then the realistic option is to start your own party and stand for government. If the Internet is useful for anything, its for stirring up action. It shouldn't be too difficult to win at least one seat with a viral campaign and enough supporters. That's the great thing about Democracy. If you don't like the government, you start your own. Take advantage while you can.

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