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Comment COT technology vs. modern military (Score 0) 303

The article states the lasers were originally used to illuminate/search for snipers. I wonder if IR lasers deployed in this manner would negate the advantages offered by IR night vision devices? Or if several laser diodes of different frequencies integrated into a single unit and and aligned would offer any value in this regard. Or does the design of the NVD's anticipate this happening and have countermeasures?

Comment Re:Total n00b here (Score 1) 197

The evolutionary approach seems to have benefits in almost every endeavor, at least until the design is developed to highly evolved state. I suppose at that point you apply manufacturing engineering to wring out the cost. I've always felt that the space program wanted Formula One racecars for their rockets when a dumptruck approach might have been better. Lastly, why couldn't they build a huge engine and de rate it to obtain reliability?

Comment Re:We can learn from the termites how to fix Socie (Score 0) 158

I don't need welfare. Welfare competes with SS for tax dollars. Welfare provides people with disincentives to join the taxpaying economy. Etc, etc. Social Security isn't a Ponzi scheme, it's an intergenerational contract that works for everyone provided that it survives. Everyone pays in everyone benefits. Provided that it survives.

Comment Re:We can learn from the termites how to fix Socie (Score 0) 158

I hope you are correct but it seems the politicians are deaf to the electorate on a lot of issues. What I suspect will happen is the demagogues will rant that "seniors are wealthier than younger people" and use that reasoning to cut SS. But seniors should be wealthier having saved their entire working lives.

Comment Re:We can learn from the termites how to fix Socie (Score 0, Offtopic) 158

I have recognized Social Security as threatened since the mid 1980's. And, with mounting deficits the Federal Govt. will have to cut social spending and I fully expect that SS will get the axe before welfare entitlements if for no other reason than SS recipients aren't effective rioters. In the meantime I am subjected to redistributionist taxation to support a feral demographic that has no concept of work ethic while trying to save waaay extra for retirement. I think the majority of Slashdot readership is in the same situation, squeezed between the Communists and the Plutocrats.

Comment Re:Is any degree late in life a good decision? (Score 1) 234

Maybe I'm oblivious to age discrimination or it isn't as prevalent with sysadmin types. I'm 49 yrs old with no degree and have done very well since being laid off in 2009. I am making 25% more money at the expense of a longer commute which is offset by working from home part time. I don't think I'm a statistical outlier, I am mundane skillset wise and quite inarticulate. When should the ageism kick in? 55? 60? I'm not bragging just trying to understand why experienced coders have this trouble but the datacenter / infrastructure people don't seem to have as much trouble.

Comment Re:Clear break from reality in 1980 (Score 1) 542

So true, peak oil was recognized by the Carter administration. If we had adhered to to the policies of conservation and energy self sufficiency we would be in a very different place now. Oil is running out, prices MUST go up, we have to revert to a less energy intensive economic model since there is no alternative energy source that can replace oil. I think the older east coast cities can handle the change but Atlanta, Dallas, and Los Angeles are fucked.

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